Live model-along! Machine Parts in SketchUp

I plan to learn something from you today.

Wasn’t going to show mine but since @tengel07 did, well…

Interesting thing, at least to me. I hunted up a website with the image you posted and it has other lessons related to making machine drawings. One of them provides two views and the student is tasked with drawing those views and then working out the other two views. There’s plenty of information presented in the two provided views that those other views just take care of themselves.

Good deal, I’m NOT a mechanical engineer :wink: Been a LONG since high school drafting class ('89).

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Since you’ll get finished early, maybe it’s time for another one. :wink:


is it a part of a workbench?

Shaft hanger for an overhead line shaft. The yellow is supposed to be a bronze bushing. I still need to add the bolts but I’ve been watching Aaron with one eye while I was doing this. :smiley:

He does say he is behind you!


Makes it uncomfortable to keep an eye on him while I’m modeling.

Those with an uncouth bent might say it makes it easier and leaves you with two eyes for your work. But I’m far from uncouth.

Well, I’m still working on them. Because of my internet connection flaking out on me I was half an hour behind. But I’ve managed to make the first two parts so far, in mm scale, using only the standard SketchUp tools. Those bevels were a pain and a half.

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Not bad.

Oh no, the 4th piece has chamfers too!?

Fillets build character.


At least I don’t have to follow me on the outside of a big curve like model #2. This looks relatively simple.

Also, what’s a Fillet? Lol

It’s the cove shaped treatment applied to the inside corners. A chamfer is a bevel on an outside corner.

Thanks for the correction Dave lol. Fillets. Got it.
I finished the parts now. My brain hurts. So many missing measurements.
And I know I have some face issues on the last one, but I’m working in 1:1 and sketchup doesn’t like making .01th mm faces. So there is some push pulled geometry that I can not intersect without leaving openings.

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Why would you do that on parts this small when you know what would happen?

It’s my first time working in mm, I wanted to see how Sketchup worked at those small scales.

Basically the same as working in inches.