Live model-along! Machine Parts in SketchUp

Well I’ve gone down to 32ths of an inch in Sketchup, I guess smallest equivalent in Sketchup would be 0.1mm. Any smaller will not create a face.

0.01 in. (0.254 mm) is generally the low end limit. SketchUp works in inches under the hood. The units you set are only for display purposes.

Calling it quits on this one. Are you ready to try modeling it?

No thanks, my brain hurts from trying to estimate mm values from incomplete data.

What did you have to estimate?

Some of the drawings didn’t have total length measurements in mm, and I had to estimate from center of circle to center of circle, then add the remaining segments on. The 4th part was especially bad.

If you watch the video, nothing had to be estimated. Some dims were intentionally left off, so you had to model from what you did have, but everything you needed was there, somewhere.

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All the required dimensions are there.

115 between vertical hole centers plus 15 at the right end plus 50 and half of 30 at the left end.

Yes, that is what I had to do.

I watched you model these machined parts and I found the presentation very interesting. I left it for a couple of days and then did them myself. This is a really useful and enjoyable exercise. I do think life is too short to spend too much time on casting fillets.
Thank you for the very useful video tutorials.


I’m missing something. How do if follow the step by step modeling instructions. I went to the Youtube link


Did you watch the video?

If you have two monitors or two devices, you can watch on one and model on the other. Or just use the image Aaron posted and model them on your own if you want.

thanks. i couldn’t find the link to the video. this helps


Dave, did you ever reference where you found your reference drawings for the overhead support?

No. It was some scanned version of an old book. Are you wanting to model it?

I was thinking about it.


PS: but with no time deadline.

Pps: Thanks for all that you do for the Forum, for SketchUp in general, for the Live Modeling sessions, yada yada yada. Know that Aaron and you are the best advocates for SU - and done with a bit of very dry humor.

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I’ll have to hunt to see if I can find that book. It’s not in my bookmarks. :frowning:

Thanks for the compliments.