Track: SketchUp Fundamentals


SketchUp Fundamentals is meant to be a solid base for the modeling tools of SketchUp. All topics covered can be done in any version of SketchUp, Free or Pro.

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Grammatical error in the SketchUp Fundamentals Description: “Join us for an guided tour…” should be “Join us for a guided tour…”.

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Thanks, fixed.

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Quizzes seam to be locked at previous test score after multiple attempts. Tried retaking tests in both the Chrome & IE browsers. Also tried giving mostly wrong answers and still got a 91%.

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Video replay button is not functional (in Chrome) quiz 2. Have to pause video so image doesn’t disappear.



Ya, I see this as well. Not sure what’s happening, looking into it. I have adjusted the timing on some of the videos so hopefully a replay isn’t necessary.

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I see this too. Once you’ve passed, the system remembers that permanently. Ie- you can’t lose credit for failing a course you’ve already passed. Still the end score should reflect the answers you just gave. Looking into this…

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Got it, Thanks. Excellent program BTW.



There are a number of questions in the first lesson’s quizzes that rely on knowledge that isn’t presented in the course!

The biggest problem I see is the question that asks about the difference between Groups and Components. The correct answer uses the word “instance” - which isn’t ever spoken in the lesson!

I just scored 12 out of 14. As other’s have mentioned, there is no feedback on incorrect questions, so as a fairly experienced SketchUp user, on material this easy, I’m forced to assume that my mistakes were the result of poorly worded questions, not true mistakes on my part.

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I don’t know if it has been fixed yet, but there was also an acknowledged bug with questions that used checkboxes when there are multiple correct answers. They will score you as wrong when you check all of the right boxes, making it unlikely for an expert to get 100%.

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We have been making these kind of quize’s for our ATC’s as well and in my experience, you can only score 100% if you create the test yourself. As soon as some other expert adds some questions, there is room for a different perspective, so it seems.
We also have some open questions which even leave more room for interpretation.

If you like, I can PM you the link, you’re score won’t get published😉



I just finished this track, and I have a bug report: When I completed the final quiz, it didn’t tell me my score, but went straight to the “Congratulations, you’ve finished the track” screen.

I’d bet this applies to the other tracks as well, but as I haven’t (yet) started them (much less completed them), that’s just an edumacated guess - so I reported the bug here.



Only partway through so far. This is really good. I’m teaching a 2 hour class in a week or so, and it’s hard for me to come up with a better lesson.

Listening with a good set of Audio-Technica headphones, I think I was hearing a very low frequency rumble in the first set of lessons (Quick Start) that seems gone in the second (Core Concepts).



Ya, you are right about that. Those courses were recorded in different environments, which reflects a bit too much ‘behind the scenes’. I hope to re-record the first course with some better quality at some point, but it will probably fall behind a number of other pressing ‘fixes’. Hope it’s not too distracting.



It’s barely noticeable, but you can probably just reprocess the audio with a low frequency filter applied.

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By the way, here’s a tally of run times for the Fundamentals videos. This doesn’t include time to do the exercises and quizzes. Looks like a little over 2 hours if I did it right.



I double checked and made a couple corrections.


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The first few lessons were closed captioned but the rest of the courses were not. That includes the Layout training courses as well. More difficult to answer your test questions correctly and that also does not enable us to pick up a few tricks. So that being said, what’s the point of you watching videos with cotton in your ears?



I just checked and the LayOut courses do have closed captioning. You have two options for displaying written text along with the audio. First is to show transcripts that follow along as you go. Second is to turn on subtitles or closed captions on the video itself where you see the ‘CC’ button on the video play bar.

If these aren’t working for you let us know. Be sure to include the specific name of the track, course and lesson that doesn’t work and a screenshot of what you’re seeing in order for us to diagnose.

See screenshot of your the options both turned on at the same time:

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Does the web version have the Xray feature? It was referred to in one of the early courses (I don’t remember off hand which one), but I didn’t find it at the time and thought it might be a Pro-level feature. Now in course #6, Selections, it is going into the feature in greater detail, so maybe it is available somewhere in the free version and I’m just not locating it. Thanks.