Track: SketchUp Fundamentals

Yes it does. It’s a bit buried though. Open ‘Styles’ panel…then ‘Default Styles’. Then select ‘XRAY’…second row…second from left:

Great! Thank you!

I have two questions in course 8 on components (pillars exercise).

  1. I don’t seem to be able to right click on any of the components in the components window (allowing me to delete or select instances, etc). Is there another way to access this on the web version?

  2. After copying the pillars and using push/pull to connect them to the upper pillar, the video has a horizontal line on the pillar after the effect, but my exercise copy doesn’t. Is this due to an error I am making or is there some slight variation between the video and the exercise file? Thanks.

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Good questions. I also could not find the ability to ‘Select Instances’ in the web version. I didn’t know that was a difference, sorry.

As for the line on the pillar, it’s irrelevant. I found the same as you, a slight discrepancy between what is shown on screen and the example file, but no difference in the actual functionality and certainly no error on your part.

I’m thrilled to see you adapting these lessons to the web version. We hope in time to have the web UI shown in its own set of videos, but until we do, I definitely appreciate the feedback you are giving us on your experience.

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Thanks for the response @TysonK. Good to know I was not overlooking it and happy to help with feedback. I really appreciate the online courses, they have made learning SketchUp much easier than on my own (I gave it a shot a year or so ago, but didn’t have time to dedicate to figuring out all these details on my own).

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Is there a lesson or course on coping a drawing or photo to flat art in SketchUp, and then being able to make the 2D into 3D with the SketchUp tools?

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Do you mean tracing over an image in SketchUp?

I think the upcoming Landscape track has some tips on doing that, importing an image and a dwg to use for creating SketchUp geometry. That’s coming within a few weeks.

Did you mean something different?

I work in Model Railroading. I have drawings of loco sides and of various detail parts. The drawings are 2D so I import them and then trace over them line by line in SketchUp. It would be great if the drawings could be brought in (DWG, DXF, PDF or some similar) directly to SketchUp and then allow the SketchUp 3D tools to do their magic.

Right. If you are using Pro you can certainly import DWG, DXF and there are several extensions that will help clean up the resulting geometry. Importing an image though, no plugin or tool that I know of that will do the tracing for you.

Illustrator has such a function I think, though I don’t know if it would provide the results you need. Could be worth trying if you have access, doing an auto-trace in Illustrator and exporting as a dwg to import into SketchUp. Don’t know if that would work or be more trouble than simply tracing.

Sometimes I like tracing an image in SketchUp just for the control over the accuracy of it, but I hear ya on how nice it would be to just have good results from the start.

There’s an extension that will ‘autotrace’ an image and cut it out for you…I’m blanking on the name but will look it up and post link.

In the Sketchup Fundamentals 1 on the second lesson, just after telling you in lesson 1 that the free web version is the same as the desktop version, the teacher asks you to use the “Architectural template”. I don’t seem to have this template in the free web version

The simple feet and inches template is quite similar.

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Can I use this resource in a classroom setting? It’s hard to beat with my own material at times.

As a group, I’d have to log in to display the video parts on a projector. As individuals, students would have to log in with their Google id if they want to work with headphones at their own speed, and/or do the quizzes.

Sure, feel free to use this in the classroom. Keep in mind that you and your students can view the videos and quizzes anonymously. We cannot require students to login.

The quizzes are just part of the learning process, we don’t have certificates at this point. Logging in does save your progress/ position in a Track, but otherwise, your students don’t have to login to take the lessons and quizzes. Thanks!

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Got it. Thanks. I was thinking you had to be logged in to use it.

You’ll be asked to do so, but just X out of the pop up dialog when it comes up.

I am having trouble finding the component window as shown in the tutorial. I am using the free trial of pro 2019. When I click on a unique component, I only see that one component, not the one’s I copied it from. Please advise.

I am also having trouble viewing the entity info when I am working through the Layers tutorial. I see the Layers box but I’m unable to assign groups to layers.

Please help! I’m getting stuck!