Track: SketchUp Fundamentals

The Components window is displayed on the right in your screenshot. If you want to see the components in the model, click on the little house icon just to the left of the search window that shows"3D Warehouse."

This isn’t clear. Where and what exactly are you expecting to see? If a component has been made unique, it is no longer connected to the component is was previously related to.

Go to the Window menu, click Default Tray and tick Entity Info.

Thanks, I think I have it figured out now.

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Hi, I’m refamiliarising myself with Sketchup, and going through the fundamentals course. V 20.0.362 on Mac OS X Mojave. I don’t seem to be able to get line inferencing working correctly. Sometimes, but not always, when I tap and release the down key the inferencing goes to the last selected line rather than the currently selected line. What am I missing here?

‘Festina lente’ eg. ‘Make haste slowly’
The inference system is very sophisticated.
While nothing selected, start an edge, hoover over another and make sure it is displaying the red indicator (on edge).
Thus in between end- or midpoints.
Once you get the right one, you can either hold shift or press the down arrow button to get the same, hit twice for parallel direction and a third time to start all over again.

If you hoover over an end- or midpoint, it looks for points aligned with the current drawing axis and have the prior direction still in memory.

I always compare it with my dog, it always remembers where to look for thrown away bones in the exact order I throw them, except for the last…


These are ones I always struggle to remember, and I don’t really get perpendicular. It’s not perpendicular to a line; It’s perpendicular to one of the infinite number of planes the line is coincident with.

Thanks - you’re right - I just needed to wait a little longer “hovering” - to enable the parallel inferencing.
Is there a way you can reduce that time in preferences?

There are no customized inference settings. Inferencing is deeply integral and just works the way it works. 1-2 full seconds of hovering is usually what it takes, but even after using SketchUp for ~20 years, I still find myself ‘asking’ for inferences several times. Some of this will speed up when you get familiar with Inf Locking, and practice, but some of it is just part of the SketchUp personality.

Can I download the Fundamentals course modules so that I can work and train offline? I have downloaded the exercise files but what about downloading and saving the video tutorials so one can work on both at same time?

Hi @courtney.queripel . We currently do not allow SketchUp campus videos to be downloaded. We will let you know if this feature becomes available in the future as we continue to gather user feedback and make improvements to the overall experience.

I am encountering errors when I move from Arcs to Rectangles in the Drawing Tools module. I have tried 2 different browsers and deleting my history. This link in particular: Rectangles

I’m getting error messages on both chrome and safari on my MacBook Pro when i try to continue to new courses on sketch up fundamentals - is there some sort of workaround here?

Sorry about the errors you are seeing. I reset the site several times a week and have done so again today, so it’s possible it will work now.

The other common remedies are to try a different browser, or view in incognito mode. Try clearing your browser cache. Often if you close the login window and view the videos as anonymous, that tends to work as well.

We know this is an ongoing issue, we have a solution in the works, but it’s still a ways off. Thanks for letting us know.