SketchUp Campus: General Feedback


The one I reported was Track 3 (Push and Pull). As I stated, I have tried it multiple times and get 73% every time.

I then went and tried Track 4 (Accuracy) and only scored 59%.

I have liked the courses so far and picked up some good tips to remember but am getting a little discouraged. I have used SU for several years now (not on a daily basis - as a matter of fact I have not used it at all for a while now). I have done some fairly hefty models (car wash equipment and layouts including some animated layouts so I am feeling pretty embarrassed (espically since this is supposed to be a beginner course - in a more advanced course I would not stand a chance :slightly_smiling_face:).

Again, there needs to be a way for me to understand what I am getting wrong!!


I am looking at the Layout Essentials Series. All the referencing to colors etc are done on a Mac. The Windoze color panel is totally different. In that panel the Fill and stroke and pattern buttons and their adjacent boxes are what I am referring to. Depending on the status of each one, activated or not has different effects on the results on the screen. All it would take is about one to one and a half minutes to explain, should be easy to insert into the series at an early point.


Thanks for providing more info. Request noted. I agree that it shouldn’t be too much trouble for us to show what it looks like on Windows for comparison in key situations…obviously we can’t do a separate windows-only track. We try to note the differences between Mac and PC UX/UI whenever and wherever possible… but sometimes text or verbal may not be sufficient and visual comparison is needed as well.


When a student does not pass the exam (or for that part any time they do not select the correct answer to a question) it would be neat of there was some type of hint (i.e. the topic to go back and study again/more). This should be done for each question missed.

As an example, I just took the Test 4 Quiz and it says I missed 3 of the 9 questions. I did go back and watch the videos (both of them) again and do not know what I answered wrong. I honestly thought I answered all of them correctly. This is getting VERY embarrassing and frustrating. I am not new to SketchUp and thought I should have gotten them correct without even watching the videos.


Sorry about the frustration Dave. The lack of feedback is a poor experience, and unfortunately it is compounded right now by possible errors in the quizzes themselves - as in, you might be getting some questions right, but the system is telling you it’s wrong.

This is a known bug we are trying to address, it’s proving elusive but we are trying to fix it.

As for feedback in general, there were some limitations on how we could implement the quizzes, but it’s something we continue to look at, so thanks for sharing your experience.


OK - I will keep watching the videos. I think they are pretty good. I do think the first video though does seem to take a little for granted. It probably should go through a quick understanding of all of the tools before you start drawing (but that is just my view).

I am looking forward to going all the way through the series but I will not be able to get my certificate because I just can not get all of the questions correct (or at least match the anticipated answer).

I think the basic idea of this whole site (SketchUp Campus) is good and I wish there was some way I could help advance it. I think you are headed in the right direction - the end goal is good IMO.


I think the Drawing Tools section should be moved to the 1st or 2nd course. To me, you need to learn how to use the basic drawing tools before you start going off with some of the other items.

Once again, I did not do well on the quiz but I am going to keep moving forward. I am becoming familiar with some things I have not used (at least on any type of a regular basis) so I want to keep moving forward.


A note on quiz behavior in the next week or two. Based on feedback and problems with the results, we’ve decided to change how quizzes work and create ‘review’ quizzes that provide immediate feedback on each question. For a short time these will live side-by-side with the existing course quizzes. This also means we are removing the Track certificates in favor of a better learning experience, but we’ll keep exploring the option of bringing them back at a future date.

For now we are making a few tweaks to the experience and continuing to work on new Tracks for you to enjoy.

Thanks all


Sounds like a step in the right direction. :+1:


I can not run the lessons. When I select a lesson, the pages changes to the lesson page and there is a white Play button in the center but clicking on it does nothing.


Which lesson(s) were you trying to access?


Also, if you are trying to access the lessons from a school or other account that restricts videos sites, that could be the reason. The videos are hosted and streamed from Vimeo, so it’s possible your internet provider is blocking that site. If that’s the case, I’m really sorry, not much we can do about that.


In the Autofold lesson, you mention the Option key on a Windows machine and the Command key on a Mac. For the Windows machine, it should be the Alt key.


I am accessing the first lesson. I am not on a school or any account that restricts sites. I am using regular Comcast cable at home. I have turned off my popup blocker and restarted the site - no effect.


Which web browser are you using? Assuming you’ve tried more than one?




I just tried Firefox and it works. So there is some sort of problem with Chrome. Maybe an extension. I will turn them off and try again.


Found the problem. It is an HTML5 autoplay blocker extension. Turned it off and the video works fine.


Thanks for sharing the solution. I had to turn that extension off as well.


The update to include a Review is very helpful IMO.

At the end of the Follow Me - Lathe video, you say that in the final video you will give us tips for creating your own stuff but there are not any more videos. Appears something is missing. Look at the lathe video around the 5:30 mark.

Guess I should have been making my posts in the SketchUp Campus - Fundamentals forum.