SketchUp Campus: General Feedback


That’s interesting, I was sure that lesson had been included previously, but regardless, I’ve re-connected it, you should see the practice lesson now. Thanks for letting us know.



OK lesson is now available. :+1:

Now another issue:
I have completed all of the classes in the completed all of the Fundamentals lessons and got my “certificate”. However, this is what was displayed and what the contents of the pdf “certificate” looks like.

Another question: Is there a second level (i.e. step up to intermediate or a 2nd level of fundamentals)?

In general, I think this is a very good course for learning to use the fundamentals SkecthUp. I might suggesting rearranging the sequence of some things. But even thought I have used SU for several years, I did learn some tricks for doing some things I have not done on a regular basis.

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That would be great! As I’ve used SU for years, my approach was take the quiz, and see if I had acquired the knowledge to pass it.
And for all the ones that I took, I did pass. But I didn’t know which questions I missed.
I also disagree with the “Mouse buttons to pan”. Granted it might be my mouse, but as Lulwa suggested, I can’t get the result by just pressing my left and middle.



I can pan with the technique presented… It is a royal PIA

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I concur, as my finger is so close to “shift” all the time.

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I suppose you just have to change your legal name to NotAvailable NotAvailable. Is that possible in Texas?

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Possible, maybe. Legal, not sure. :grin:



I took a brief look at the Photoshop track but I do not have/use Photoshop. It would be neat if SketchUp could work out something with some other render vendors (Twilight, Thea, SimLab, Vray, Shapespark or some other vendor(s)) and have a track for them as well.

I think Campus is off to a good start and would like to see it grow. I also think it should be more prominent in the Forums so that people would be more users to it. It can be both a great learning environment as well as a good place to go for reviewing how to use SketchUp more efficiently.

I think you should consider adding a track for Animation……………



Hey guys- I’m loving this course and learning tons. Just wanted to say it out loud and tell you how much I appreciate the clear, methodical language and teaching approach. It’s taking time, but I’m glad I started again from the beginning with this course to reinforce what I already knew, and to learn what I had missed. Thank you!
In lesson 7 widening the pillars, I was confused at first why you couldn’t use push/pull to do the job, and the selection of the side of the pillar wasn’t explained.
Also, when I import the lesson examples I have to select them and explode to get them to behave like the lesson examples. I’m using a mac.



Hving issues with move tool:" In move tool example with desk, trying to tip a pen to blue axis. When I try to grab at one of the red x’s only the axis along the desk plan comes into view. I’ve moused all over the pen and not been able to find the blue axis protractor indicator. I’ve also used the up arrow. Help!



Got it!- zoom, find correct edge.



The default user icon is so sad. It looks like a frowning cyclops. :frowning_face:

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General feedback: I’d like to watch a SketchUp - BIM Track

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Thanks Marco

BIM is one of those terms that mean different things to different people or companies. Can you be more specific about what specifically “BIM” means to you and how it would work in your day-to-day?

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My thinking is, out of the box, SketchUp isn’t a BIM program, it’s a general 3D modeler. It does have built in some hooks and abilities to implement BIM type solutions. One is the metadata fields in advanced entity info:


The other is dynamic components like this Kraftmaid cabinet from 3D Warehouse:

There could be education tracks for users to learn to implement and use these features themselves.

Otherwise, BIM in SketchUp is done with third party extensions like Condoc Tools, Medeek BIM and others. I have no idea how open SU Team would be to letting third party developers contribute to this new SketchUp Campus, so I guess we should ask: If extension developers wanted to contribute a learning track for their product to the campus, would SU Team be willing to include it?



BIM can be a well documented archive with only 2d drawings, as well. It is all about adding metadata to entities, be it through the advanced attributes, Dynamic Components or the classifier (IFC) tool.

The biggest problem is that the ifc export now is failing to pass the information correctly, hence the IfC manager, but that is another subject.

Trimble Connect could be a perfect platform for this.

A small course were one could explore the possibilities would be perfect!

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As to the question of including other devs or resources into Campus, it’s something we’ve considered from the start of this project. While we aren’t completely against it, it comes with some considerations that aren’t resolved, so… maybe?.. but probably not in the short term.



If I think about it I believe I’ve always used BIM: I’ve always set my SketchUp model with groups, layers and I used Layout and Reports for automatic documentation from the 3D model.

Generally speaking (at least here in Italy) people belief is that BIM means Revit. Don’t ask me why, but that’s it: Autodesk marketing team did a really great job.

BIM is a method, not a software, it’s just like CAD to me.
For sure Revit is very powerful at certain tasks (wall, floor, roof tools), more than SketchUp, but is weak at others (interface, easy to use).

What I’m asking is a Campus Track that somehow destroys this wrong belief BIM=Revit, and informs about SketchUp+Layout potentials, applyed to the constructions (documentations) field, more than modeling.



Thanks all, this is a good discussion.

Agreed. Autodesk really did good marketing and BIM=Revit is a real perception that is worth challenging. BIM as any sort of useful metadata that travels with and informs other aspects of the design/build journey is probably more aligned with our approach.

We definitely have plans to show more of the SU to LO workflow in creating construction documents.



Can you please update English captions in the videos, thank you.