SketchUp Campus: General Feedback

Can you be more specific please? Which videos are you seeing with problems?

It is not a problem actually, I thought there are captions in every videos.
In SketchUp Fundamentals category, only the first two videos has captions, then there is no captions in other videos.
It’s ok without CC, please don’t mind it.

Language Support issue

Hi, I want to use SketchUp Campus in Korea.
It seems like to support various language type but do not translate when I click a language.

Are you gonna update it? if you are, when this language support is done?


I see Korean when I click on languages. Can you be more specific for what the probblem is your having. Try posting a screenshot of what it looks like in your browser.

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Excellent tutorials. Well-paced and clear. Thank you.

I have to RMB to bring up drop down menu then select Pan or Orbit. None of the other mouse only methods seem to work for me. I don’t seem to have the finger dexterity to operate multiple mouse buttons at same time. Maybe my fingers are too thick from so many years of landscape construction. :smile:

It would be good if the video showed the tutors mouse & keyboard strokes somewhere on screen. Makes it a bit easier to tell what they are doing. Also better if on YouTube. This video player sucks Trimble.

YouTube embedding has a number of issues that prevented our using it to host the videos, sorry this experience isn’t working well for you.

As to the mouse. So you have a 3-button scroll wheel mouse and the middle button is not working as orbit and zoom?

This does happen sometimes based on the type of mouse or settings you have. (And you are in good company with finger dexterity.) Just a reminder that for Pan, you can, and most people do use the combination of holding the middle wheel + Shift key. This is often easier. We mentioned both methods for people to choose what works best. In truth, I have custom shortcuts mapped to the navigation tools because for me personally, that works best, and some people use a Space Navigator, which is totally separate.

Let us know if you continue to have issues with the mouse and we’ll see if there are any suggestions that might help that might make that work better for ya.

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Is there any way to watch the video modules full screen? Am I missing a button somewheres?

Hi @ajharlan. We’ve found that some browsers do not allow full screen. Can you tell us what browser you’re using? We’re looking into how to support more browsers as we speak.

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Yup, that was the issue. I was using Microsoft Edge (because Chrome has been slowing down my machine like crazy), but when opening the modules in Chrome, I am able to expand to full screen.


Great. Thanks for following up as other users may be experiencing something similar.