Problem Getting Started in Sketchup Campus

I have just subscribed for Sketchup Pro and would like to start by doing some tutorials in Sketchup Campus, however when I click on the link to play I get a page with an error message saying that the website encountered and unexpected error. please try again later.

What browser are you using? If it is Edge try a different browser, it has had issues if it is not updated to the latest version. If that doesn’t help, report back.

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I’m using Google chrome

I just tried Chrome with no issue. Try Firefox or Edge.

It doesn’t work in Chrome for me either. But it does work in Edge for some reason.

It’s really strange, it works in both chrome and edge when I don’t log in. So the problem exists only when logged in!

That comes up now and then, and they fix it each time. I check for that this time, and for me it was working whether I was logged in or not.

And it seems to be working for me now too… thanks for the help!

Hi, I’m teaching a 3d modeling class and one student is getting this error on her Mac using Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We tried clearing cache and logging in via Incognito mode to no avail. I’ll have her try again tomorrow but if anyone has any tips I’d appreciate it!


Did you try the course videos while not signed in? There is a sign in overlay that makes it seem like you have to sign in, but you can click the X in the upper right of that box in order to continue to the videos without signing in.

Can’t get videos on to work. 5:20pm PST Sept 9. Tried multiple browers, signing in and out, on different computers.


The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.