Fundamentals error

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

I cannot use the Sketch up fundamentals pages.

I downloaded the pack, but when I click on the link to watch or learn, the website directs me to a message" Error

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

This has been like this for a week now, so I can’t imagine it’s the webiste.

can anyone help?

I just tried it a moment ago and it worked fine for me. Here’s a link to the first video segment. Can you run the video from there? What browser are you using?

It’s strange. When I follow your link, Dave, I am able to view the lessons successfully signed in.

But, if I go from externally signed in the lessons fail to load using both Safari and Edge browsers.

If I logout I can access the lessons using both browsers, which appears to be the current workaround.

Weird indeed. Maybe a server issue somewhere?

Maybe when @TysonK gets in to work after the long holiday, he can check into it or poke the right people.

It’s just the landscaping one that fails to work if you’re signed in. Tyson and Eric have been tagged about it in other threads. If I see Tyson at the office tomorrow I’ll show him the error.

Good afternoon Dave,

I am using Chrome, I am attaching a screenshot of the issue.

I am also using this in Dubai if that helps to identify the servers

@TysonK Just a heads up.

Nothing would load for me signed in from my end (England) yesterday.

All seems to be working well now, though.

Just FYI, the problem is one we’ve seen in the past and we have a ticket filed with our service provider, as we are being limited on their side which we should not be. It should be working now, but it’s a temporary fix, so we are trying to address it more permanently. Thanks all.