[Page not found-404] SketchUp User Guide entry

Problematic URL: https://help.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchup-make-and-sketchup-pro

Description of the Issue: Page not found - 404

Selected Version of SketchUp: n/a

Selected Operating System: n/a

Should automatically redirect to the new URL …

People and sites likely still have bookmarks and links pointing to the old URL.
( Which is how I found that the URL had changed. Surprise! )

And whilst on this subject … why doesn’t the following URL lead somewhere ?


Hey Dan,

None of our URLs should have “/content/” in them… where did you find the first URL? I can’t think of a reason or place that would lead a customer to any of those 3 URLs, allowing that the “sketchup-pro” you recommend makes it over to /sketchup/sketchup

It was the previous URL taken (bookmarked) originally from the https://help.sketchup.com/en/help-with page.
It was in my bookmarks bar links for SketchUp for a long time, and then stopped working after y’all changed things to remove references to Make.

Well they used to, …

… and the SketchUp Pro link on the https://help.sketchup.com/en/help-with page still does at least Chrome shows it as: https://help.sketchup.com/content/sketchup-pro

The whole point is that the “content” URLs used to work, but now do not. I thought that there wuse to ba a way to both redirect and notify users if the URLs changed. There was a message that would ask the person to update their bookmarks.

Regardless, … it seems silly to land the person on a 404 page, when they could be taken to the new user guide entry page, or the user guide search page. (ie, you know by the “help.sketchup.com” that they want the Help Center. That by the “en” they want English language. You can ignore the “content” and set the search query to the remainder ?)

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