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I have asked this question of the Front Line Support group who suggested that I post this on the Forum. Here it is:
“What has happened to the “Help Center?” When I am in SU 2019 and click “Help” and then “Help Center,” I am taken to a page (Help Center | SketchUp Help) which always shows the same info, and, when I further attempt to explore the topic I am asking about via the search box “Find an answer to your SketchUp question,” I am always taken to the same page ( Where is HELP?”

After a response from FLS, I responded with:
"First, I was using “Textures” only as an example. When on the page that you provided, if I type in another topic to “search,” back we go to a similar blah help page. This is NOT how I remember your Help Center working in the past.

Second, regarding your direction to the Help Center, the YouTube channel, the Skill-builders Series, and the Forum, I have used and used all of these extensively, except that the Help Center no longer provides much if any help. and, to me, really seems broken.

As an example, if I use your link above ( Adding Colors and Textures with Materials | SketchUp Help ), and then type a different topic in the “Find and Answer to your SketchUp Question” section, for example - components, I get the typical “Older Release Notes,” “Applying Dashed Lines to Layers,” etc. page. This just doesn’t seem right to me. In your words, making the Help Center a bit more robust is an understatement. It used to be more robust. What happened?"

Sorry for the length of this post, but Help is needed.

Please move this to the Meta > Help Center - Report a Problem category, where you’ll find the almost exact named topic from 27 days ago.

(EDIT: Thanx to @TheOnlyAaron for reassigning this topic.)

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