Figures not shown in Help Center Tutorials

When I am going through the articles in the Help Center to learn more about Sketchup, no figures are shown. This makes it more difficult to understand the tutorials.

This has started for me for about a week ago (roughly) I think. Before I could see the figures but now only the videos are shown. This is for all tutorials.

I have tried different computers and mobiles, different web browsers. Result is the same, no figures shown.
Other websites show figures and pictures without any problem.

Is this a general problem or is it only me (our home network)?

Share a link to a tutorial in which this happens so we can try.

There do appear to be some images missing. It’s not just on your end.

A lot of folks have repeatedly requested a current pdf User Guide be made available ASAP. Some time ago there was a pdf version of the User Guide and this was much more effective as a learning tool in the @Last and Google days. Here is a link to an older pdf User Guide for SU 6. Most of the operating principles remain viable however newer features introduced in more recent versions are not addressed. Nonetheless, users should find this guide to be quite helpful. Link to the old Google SU6 User Guide here.

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You are not alone.
For example in this article, first image shows blank but rest of them are fine.

Here is the difference in their URLs:

~ This doesn’t show up:
~ This shows up:

Error for not showing the image:

As has been said…
I think we (35,000,000 users) are more likely to get hit by a comet, but I suppose it could happen.

In the interminable interim, here’s a download link to the SU 7 PDF User’s Guide on Google Drive.

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And the Sketchup people show no interest to fix the images in the Help Center?

Perhaps @jody hasn’t seen this topic yet.
Here’s another example:

I learned recently that @Jody is aware of the problems with the Help Center Knowledge Base. He has requested the server team to improve the inbuilt search system.

Apparently satisfying that request is more difficult than it would appear to be so it’s taking longer than any of us want it to. Obviously I cannot speak to a time frame for completing any improvements but knowing the request has been made suggests that the issue is being addressed. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the heads up guys, all fixed now. Please keep posting if you see this happened in other articles, I thing went awry last week because I’ve bumped into a few of these now.

The problem still continues and it’s not exceptional to some articles. In fact most of the articles have this issue.


Well that’s no good, I guess I’m going to surf the Help Center all day. Give me a day to get it all corrected and for it to propagate across the world wide web.

I think we’re back on track, at least I’ve addressed the cause for most of them. IF there happen to be articles with missing images then there is some other cause, so report specific articles at this point.

Thanks again.

Issue still continues for me.
1- The article i mentioned in my post #6
2- All images here missing: Mixing Colors in the Color Picker | SketchUp Help , Getting Started with Modeling from Trimble Vision Imagery | SketchUp Help

3- Most images here missing: Creating Terrain from Scratch | SketchUp Help
4- Some images here missing: Adding Colors and Textures with Materials | SketchUp Help

I have to confirm that too…most of the articles are missing images

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