Students not able to access SketchUp for Schools

Our school district has been using SketchUp for Schools for about two years. We started getting the issue where students could not use SketchUp. After reading through some other forum posts, this seems to be a common occurrence. I believe our domain needs to be whitelisted. Domain and Website are below.
Domain -
Website -

Hi @eaklosterman, thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having issues with SketchUp for Schools. I’ll do my best to get things resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Let me start off by thanking you for adding everything I need to your initial post. It makes my job so much easier, so thanks! After reviewing everything you posted and making sure to get all the data I needed from your site, I was able to add you to the database. You should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure you don’t miss a step as you deploy the app as improper deployment can cause issues later on that are identical to what you are seeing right now.

If you are still running into issues after this post goes live, please let me know and we can start the troubleshooting process.

After testing with a student account, all is working as it should. Thank you.

Wonderful. I am glad to hear that you are up and running again. If you need any additional help please feel free to @ me on these forums anytime and I’ll do my best to help you out as quickly as I can.

Good afternoon, Casey. I teach high school CAD. We have been using SketchUp Free for two years. The assignment I have given is causing a lot of lagging. SketchUp for Schools has been recommended but I would like to know how much data space it has. SketchUp Free can handle 10GB. Please advise.

That is a great question and I don’t know that I have an answer off the top of my head. I’ll ask a few of our developers if they have an answer for you. I know it is similar in terms of a code base though so I expect it to be similar if not identical to the free version.

However, I must ask, if you are hitting that limit, what exactly are you and your students working on and are you following best practices as you are modeling your content? Are you purging unused content and only using what you need in your model? Excessive details and textures can really slow down models regardless of the version.