SketchUp for schools whitelist please

This is regarding Sketchup for Schools. I have added SketchUp for Schools as a Domain Installed App in Google Admin, which should be available for all users.

Please whitelist our domains, as we do not have an .EDU domain since we are a public K12 district

our domains are: (which is also our URL for district website) and

The school uses Google Suite for log ins.

Hopefully I’ve answered your questions adequately. Don’t hesitate to reply if you need additional data.

Thank you.

Hi @johnwilliams, thanks for the post. Not having a .edu domain should not be an issue as the firewall does not care about that, but it is entirely possible that it is still being a bit overzealous and keeping you out.

I’ll go ahead and get you added to our database as you have included what I needed in your post. By the time this post is live, you should be all set to go! Just make sure that you deploy the app across all domains that want to access the app as domains are not linked in our system.

If you have any additional issues getting the app up and running please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.