SketchUp For Schools | Whitelist Request


Trying to get Sketchup going for our school.

The domain names are:

Thank you!

Hi @TAnk, thanks for the post. I am happy to get you added to our database of approved domains, but I’ll need a few things from you.

First up I need the domains you want me to add to the database. As your previous post already had those we are already 33% done. Next I need a confirmation that you are a k-12 school or equivalent. Just a simple post stating that you are or are not is all I need on that front. Finally if you have a school website or district website, a link to it would be appreciated as it helps us a lot to have a more complete look at who is using our product.

Can you get back to me with verification that you are a k-12 school and if possible, a link to your website?

We are a Community College that also holds classes for local highschool students.

Does that qualify?

Good morning @CaseyG , I’m trying to access Sketchup for schools and it won’t let us. The previous courses we could enter but it seems that they have closed the door on us. It is possible that we are off the white list by having a Gsuit domain with .org format
Our secondary school (K12) belongs to Spain.
Our domain is

Could you join the whitelist?

Thanks and greetings

Hi everyone, thanks for the posts. I’ll do my best to address everyone at once so just look for your username for the part that is relevant to you.

First up I’ll address your question @carlosanz. It is entirely possible that an update to our firewall triggered an issue with your domain so I’ll go ahead and make sure you are in the database of approved domains right now. If you are not, I’ll add you manually to make sure everything is clear on our end. I will however also suggest that you get in touch with your IT team and see if they changed anything on their end as the fact that you had access before points to a potential change messing up the permission settings.

As for your question @TAnk, I am not 100% sure about your question. I’ll ping the rest of the team once they are signed on and see if anyone has a conclusive answer for you and get back to you as soon as I can.

Hello @CaseyG !

We are encountering some difficulties at our school(American School Foundation of Monterrey, a K-12 private school in Mexico, domain: with accessing Sketchup for our students. While teachers can access the tool without any issues, our students are facing barriers due to domain restrictions.

At our school, we operate with separate domains for teachers and students. Our teacher domain is “” while the student domain is “” Unfortunately, it seems that only the teacher domain is currently whitelisted, preventing our students from utilizing Sketchup effectively.

We kindly request assistance in adding the student domain “” to the whitelist, allowing our students to access Sketchup for their educational activities.

Any support or guidance on how to resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue.

Hi everyone, I have a firm answer from our legal team for you TAnk and can get you up and running right now jorge.colunga.

I’ll start off with you @TAnk. While it is admirable that you are able to serve high school students at your community college and I am quite impressed by the ability of the students to take college level classes, I am unfortuantely not able to make an exception for you and allow you to access the k-12 version of SketchUp for Schools. I wish there was more I could do but legal is quite firm on the matter. If students absolutely need to access SketchUp for a class, we do offer heavily discounted lab licenses for colleges and individual licenses for students. They are available through our reseller partners. If you need help finding the official reseller for your area, you can use this page here: Find a SketchUp Reseller – Connect With a SketchUp Partner | SketchUp

As for you @jorge.colunga, I am sure I already addressed this in either a different thread or private message but I have added your domain to our database so you should be all set to get SketchUp for Schools up and running. Hopefully that is all we need to do but if you need additional support just start a new thread and @ me on it to get my attention and I’ll do my best to assist you.