Problems logging in SketchUP for education

Our school has been using SketchUp for Schools for about tree years. We started getting the issue where students could not use SketchUp. After reading through some other forum posts, this seems to be a common occurrence. I believe our domain needs to be whitelisted. Domain and Website are below.
Domain -
Website -

Please, we need urgent help. Thank you.

Why no one answers my problem?

Post into this topic and I am sure @CaseyG will take care fo you - School whitelist Requests

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Thanks for the @ @TheOnlyAaron! I’ll make sure that the database is updated to include your domain @alfred.millet. You will be all set to deploy the app for your school within the next few minutes. Just make sure you don’t skip any steps as you deploy the app as an improper deployment can cause errors later on.

Excuse me, but the domain to whitelist is
Thank you.

Sorry for the delay in replying to this @alfred.millet. I have verified you are in the database already. If you are running into issues, it is likely a problem on your end rather than a permission issue on our end. To start off, can you verify that the app was deployed correctly? Improper deployment can cause issues similar to what you see when a permission issue happens. If you are sure you deployed the app correctly, the next step is to clear any cookies and cached files to see if that clears it up. If you have already done both of those things, please post a screenshot of what you are seeing so I can try and get some additional info from that.