Sketchup for Schools Lost Access

We had access to Sketchup for Schools prior to Jan 1, 2022. Now we don’t. I’ve tried submitting a request to support but it seems your support portal is down. It seems that our GWS for Edu account is not being recognized. Please see the following screenshots in this zip file:
Sketchup for Schools screenshots (288.0 KB)

Same here @jbarder. I just posted asking to see if our domains have been whitelisted.

Hi @ShelbyReynolds, thanks for your interest in SketchUp for Schools. Steve has, unfortunately, moved on to a new position and as a result, we didn’t see your request right away. Sorry about that.

I would be happy to add your domain to your database as soon as I can verify a few things. Can you please send me a link to your website so I can verify a few things? Also, I need to confirm you are a K-12 school as SketchUp For Schools is only intended for K-12 schools. You would be surprised how many universities apply by accident.

Once I have a link to your website and have verified you are a K-12 school, I’ll be happy to add you to the database.