Can’t access Sketchup for schools - whitelisting? x2

Good morning,
I have been told by our G-Suite Administrator that everything was configured correctly on his end.

I have added to my Allowed list in Pop-Ups and Cookies on both current version of Firefox and Chrome.

I also attempted to allow pop-ups within Chrome.

I am in a login loop. I get a “Are you in the right place” pop up and continue sign-in, looks like it is going to sign in and have to start the process all over again. I’ve repeated this with different users on different machines(Mac OS - Monterey & Sonoma).

Can you shed some light on what we may be missing?

If a domain whitelist might help please add us -

Thank you

Hi @nriebs thanks for the post! It sounds like you are using a google environment and that the deployment was successful if you are getting far enough to see that error so good job making it that far and you did everything right with the troubleshooting too! That helps me rule out a lot of things and saves me a ton of time.

As I was able to verify everything I needed from your site, I can get you added to the database of approved domains to help rule out any firewall issues on our end. By the time this post is live, the database should have refreshed so go ahead and give it a try on a student account and let me know if you are still seeing the issue or not. Hopefully that is all we need to do to get you up and running.

Tested and working! Thank you!