Having problems connecting through Google

Hi we are unable to connect through our google accounts, I think it may be our domain needs whitelisted, name is wlk.iltpupil.org

Hello @CaseyG at our school we have 2 domains, actually it is more like a one domain and one subdomain. I requested whitelist for gwtp.edu and it works great. Can I have our subdomain voc.gwtp.edu be added to the whitelist as well. Thank you

Hi @Ortiz and @samivy, thanks for the posts and sorry for the delay in my reply. I was out last week teaching a class and am a little behind on all of this. I’ll get things moving right now.

I was able to locate your site @Ortiz and am happy to get you added as soon as I can verify that you are a k-12 program. Higher education schools are required to use a different version of SketchUp. If you can just @ me in a post that is sufficient as I was able to locate everything else I needed on your site and have things ready to go.

As for you @samivy I was unable to load your site. Can you please link it to me so I can start getting all the info I need for your database entry?