GLTF Exporter

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Sketchup, my task is to build a GLTF exporter.

I don’t know which API can do this (C or Ruby).

The second problem is: I can not find any helping codes on the internet.

Can you help, please?


have you tried the one that exists Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

both API’s can do this, but C should be faster…


Thank you John,

I found it before but it’s without a source code and my task is to create a customized Plug-in which can be edited every now and then in the future.


if you search @Centaur’s post’s a lot of code discussions happened when it was being written…


Decide which API you wish to use. If you wish to export manually from within the desktop SketchUp application, then you can use the Ruby API.

Do you have any experience in Ruby programming ? If not you’ll first need to learn Ruby before understanding how to apply the SketchUp API, which extends core Ruby.

Secondly, you’ll need to understand how the APIs expose the SketchUp SKP model document. This only comes from much practice using the API to create model geometry and the model’s resources.

But there are some examples that come with the C SDK. If you know C, and you wish to write a standalone file converter, then perhaps the C API would be better suited to your needs.

Your forum profile mentions “SketchUp Free for Web” which does not have any “live” APIs.

If you do your own one, can you make sure to support exporting to glb? That’s the format I’ve seen some programs requiring, they can’t take glTF. has some links to libraries and converters to write glTF and glb files …

Thank you dear,

I’m checking this


Dear DanRathbun,

Appreciate your detailed reply,

I was before a Revit plugins developer with C#, so I think that dealing with C and .Net framework is easier for me as a start.

Regarding my profile, you are right, I made the account in a hurry and the info are not accurate. I will update it soon.


This seems helpful ,

I will check and let you know if i have further questions.

Best Regards.

Thank you, I will take this into consideration

Register as a developer …

… once registered and logged in, the download links for the C SDK will appear at the bottom of …

… read the examples inside the SDK after unzipping it.

And refer to the online C API documentation …

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