Tutoring for creating simple extensions

Are there any developers here who offer paid tutoring? I want to learn the basics for creating simple extensions. I’ve been reading some of the resources and watched some youtube but could do with some guidance at this stage…

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Just bumping this post.
To be more specific I’d like to have just a 30 minute consulation with a developer to get a very basic grounding for creating simple extensions. Am happy to pay for the time.
Are there any developers here who can helo me with that?

I made a simple extension example for you, so you can study how the basics works:
Extension_Example.rbz (1.3 KB)
obs: .rbz files are just like a .zip file witch you can unzip and see the content files

there are more examples here:

Non commented:

and at least but prob most important… the learning resources by Dan Rathbun:

enjoy it :upside_down_face:


Thanks a lot for this, it’s much appreciated and a great starting point for me.

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Maybe you can click through this too:
Welcome! | SketchUp Developer

Can you tell me how to display my own icon on the custom toolbar? I assume that the file path should be stated somewhere?
I tried saving a jpg file in the ‘images’ folder (in the Sketchup plugins folder) and then typed the name of the file in the code eg.
cmd.small_icon = “cabinet_icon.jpg”
cmd.large_icon = “cabinet_icon.jpg”
but nothing happened.
Are you able to advise on that?

You can check a very simple extension here

No. ALL of an extension’s files must be within (or beneath) it’s own subfolder.
(With the exception of the extension’s registrar file which has the same name as the subfolder, but with a .rb file extension.)

Installing an extension from an RBZ archive will copy the files into the correct location (in your SketchUp versioned %AppData% “Plugins” path.) To find the path from within SketchUp, open the Ruby Console, and execute this statement:


You can copy this path into the Windows File Explorer address bar to quickly navigate there. I would suggest making a shortcut to this path on your Desktop or in your start menu somewhere.

Please learn to search the forum category for such things: