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Here are links to SketchUpdate Newsletters going back to 2014 if you’d like to check 'em out!






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I’ve noticed at least 3 newsletters are missing from this list. However I can’t really blame you since it’s always difficult to remember and boring to update manual lists like this.

Couldn’t there be a listing page that automatically lists all these on the website were they resides?

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Thanks Christina… I did indeed forget to add the last few newsletters to this list! It is now updated.
It was easy to remember when I was working on the newsletter, but I’ve since moved to a different role in SketchUp. We’ll attempt to keep this list updated and also look at other options for surfacing this information.

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This month’s newsletter has just been added. Check it out here: Clip it. Clip it good. // Drumroll please… // Inside a Design/Build studio semester // #3DWarehouse

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It’s here! September’s newsletter is officially live: SketchUp for Schools’ first day of class // A SketchUp-made woodworker // Skill Builder: Installing Extensions

Didn’t see this month’s newsletter in your inbox? Read it here: 3D Basecamp 2018 // Skill Builder: Proxy Components // UV mapping made easy

Our final newsletter of the year has arrived. Check it out here: A new year, a new SketchUp //
Skill Builder: Make Unique Textures // Message in a bottle: TrussFab


Happy New Year! Our January newsletter has landed: LayOut: A+ plays well with others // Skill Builder: TransSketchUlation // The edge of Arch-viz


The time is now! This month’s issue of the SketchUpdate has arrived: A SketchUp Renaissance man…// Up for a challenge? // Throwing shade? Lighten up…


Don’t miss the most recent SketchUpdate: A community of women carpenters // Capture your skills // Here’s why you can’t miss Basecamp

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April’s newsletter is here! Keen craftsmanship // Skill Builder: Version Control // Drumroll please …

This week’s newsletter should have landed in your inbox by now! If not, check out the stories highlighted this month: SketchUp: Miracle grow for the Philadelphia Flower Show // Introducing our new podcast: SketchUp Talk

Has there been any SketchUpdate email newsletter since May, 2018?

• If so, it would be very welcome if they were added to the list in the original post above.

• Even better would be to make a dynamically complete SketchUpdate newsletter web archive gallery, and make it accessible via a link in the newsletter footer. This is standard procedure for many companies.

• Finally, the relation between the SketchUpdate email newsletter and the Sketchup blog posts tagged “SketchUpdate” is not entirely clear. Since they are not identical, what is a subset of what? Or, are they unrelated but just happen to have the same name?

Making do until the world dicovers RSS.


I’m also a bit confused here. I thought SketchUpdate was the name of the blog, but now see it doesn’t contain all posts.

It is all about facebook, now?

Indeed it is – provided you smilingly embrace this magnificient vision:


Ah, yes – ain’t that fresh.

Which is almost simular to*Hg30RBeTJ2nBvcd1ctWp0g.jpeg

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Nice render.

I’m getting the impression that we may have gone somewhat off-topic.

• Let us hope Trimble get their Sketchup newsletter archive presentation straight.

• For all you who do not share Facebook’s “social” vision, and instead prefer open data, transparency, and full control over your content feeds, I recommend RSS.

Some parties have recently been downplaying the standard, which is a shame. The good news is that RSS is doing well, works great and most web platforms support it natively.

Using an RSS content reader, you will get the Sketchup Blog updates delivered to you the minute they appear. The currently best RSS content reader is probably Inoreader. It’s free and it works great - try it.


Hey everybody… it’s me again. :grinning: I started this thread a couple years ago thinking it would be cool to have an archive of the SketchUpdate Newsletter content over the years. Our newsletter template doesn’t have an archivable link anymore, so we won’t be maintaining an archive. If you want to stay updated, you should sign up for the SketchUpdate Newsletter (if you haven’t already). Here’s the place to do that » Preference Center | SketchUp

As a reminder, here are the various platforms where you can find all the good stuff that ends up in those newsletters:

I apologize for the slow death this archive has experienced… the newsletter has had a few caretakers over the years and it’s best to sign up for the email newsletter anyway!