Question about automation

Hi, I’m new working with the Sketchup API and I’m trying to ascertain its capabilities.
I want to produce a script that automatically imports a format, and exports it as SKP and some other formats, I know that as a user I can do this so I assume these are available functionalities. The question is wether is there a way to execute the plugin/command the moment the program starts, like a OnStartup event or something as such, so that it can do these exportations with a certain autonomy.
Thanks and regards, apologies if the question is a bit vague.

@Valco first of all you should update your profile. It says that you are using free plan and it’s not possible to run a script with it.
Secondly is difficult to guess what are you trying to automate. You’d better to put an example in order we can help you.
Do you want to be asked for a file ? Doy you want to click an icon to import a file? Do you want to open a file every time you start SketchUp?
If you have a script you can share with us here

You will need to learn core Ruby and especially working with the IO class and it’s File subclass. (The latter inherits methods from it’s superclass.)

You would likely use:

… combined with command line switches to start SketchUp …