Extracting Face Areas based on Layers in model groups

Hi, I have a model imported from another program and the components come already grouped, which is nice. Now I would like to get the SF of the faces based on it’s assigned layers.
Is this possible? I have been researching and there are tools like Eneroth material extractor which extract the total qty’s without any filter on Layers.
I am very new to the scripting realm in Sketchup!


But be a bit more specific. Are all the groups at the model top level ? Or are the nested, and if so how deep ?

That is okay. What do you have so far ? We can help you find your errors or point you in the right direction, but you need to post what you have so far.

Heed the wiki posting code in the forums.

You could start with my Material Area Counter and swap out the material checks with layer checks. Could be a very good first project to get into Ruby coding!

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Hello! Yes I used your material counter and it worked great! I just needed to create new materials and assigned accordingly and was able to get the areas. I am trying to figure out a way to assign attribtes to each component and export volume and areas accordingly. Are there any good training videos for Ruby programming for Sketchup?

Refer to Ruby Learning Resources [WikiLists]. I’ve never thought videos were especially useful as coding tutorials.