Is it possible to create a cube without models/components

Hi i want to make a tool that makes a cube. I want that you can click somewhere and that becomes the first point. And when you click somewhere else that becomes the size of the cube (the controlls of making a rectangle) I made code that created a rectangle and push/pull it. I also want to know how to use the bar in the bottom of the screen to type mesurements.

You have to learn how to make your own custom tool.

You can start to examine the Sketchup Ruby API documentation.
Especially for example

There is an example how to make a custom tool here:

You can also download example from EW as well: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

You can learn more about Ruby staring with e.g.: Ruby-learning-resources

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Hi. Why don’t you use VCB?

Sketchup.vcb_label = " Cube Maker"
Sketchup.vcb_value = 'cube_length'

Hi @dezmo

I read all the links you send but i dont quite understand it yet. can you help me?

I guess you did not read all the links but you just looked and scared how much you need to know to write a ‘simple’ plugin.
So, if you want me to write the plugin for you, I’m sorry I can’t do that. But I can post my ideas if You ask a specific questions.

First you can start explain the contradiction in this sentence:

I already made some plugins, but they where camera tools. I have some expierence but not with drawing.
I made the part that draws the cube but it is 1,1,1 meter unless you change the variables. I want to make the size of the cube the position of the mouse. A bit like the rectangle tool but in 3d.