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I am an excellent designer in SketchUp and in the real world. What I am looking to do is learn the inner workings of the program we are using. I want to start coding in Ruby to make and possibly market add-ons that I think would be beneficial to how we work.

I have done programming before so I have some knowledge of the process and logic.

What I need from everyone out there are reference materials and how-to guides to get these ideas of the ground. If you would all be so kind to provide me with names of books, authors, and possible download locations for actual PDF files or EPUBS, it would be appreciated. Also, direct links to YouTube or other video sources would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

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You can e.g. start with this:


Where are you located?

Metro Detroit in Michigan

I’d recommend to start with a really simple task; something you do manually today but might be able to automate.

I’d also recommend to read existing source code to getan idea of how an extension is structured.

We have a bunch of examples at our GitHub account:

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