Basic ruby coding for SketchUp

Can someone tell me where I can find some real basic information on ruby coding. Something like a ruby coding for SketchUp for Dummies. I have been trying to learn something about this, but everything I have found starts out to complicated.

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First of all, it is important that you start small. So for example with a “simple” action that you want to automate so that you also learn to understand what the code does and how the Ruby API works.

You could also take a look at the following example:

I myself once started with the book “Automatic SketchUp Creating 3-D Models in Ruby” by Matthew Scarpino. The book is outdated (2010), but remains interesting for beginners.

Thankyou. It is going to take me a while to do more than open each of those links, but it looks promising

I posted a list of resources here in the forum …

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Thank you for all the Resources. Can you tell me which one is the best for explaining Ruby to someone who knows nothing about programming. So far, everything I look at seems to have information I do not understand. What is the simplest way to start with Ruby.


Please keep in mind that this book (mentioned above) is good at showing “tidbits” of SketchUp coding, but does not teach best practices.

There is a link to this book in the SketchUp specific, downloadable book list in the Resources.

Well the primers should come before tutorials, … tutorials before books.

If they still seem over your head, then you’ll need to find online courses for generic introduction to programming.

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Thank you, I did not stop to think when you mentioned it that I should start there also.

Thank you also, I would not have thought to check out the Primers before the Tutorials. I seem to think backwards from normal sometimes, that is why I asked.

Do you have a SketchUp extension project in mind?

Not yet. I was watching an interview with Christine Eneroth recently and she mentioned how when something started to bug her she would make an extension for it. I got to thinking how many things bug me when I have to do them again and again. So, I would like to learn how to make extensions (or maybe just snippets) that would help my workflow.


That’s how Chris Fuller and I got tangled up into extension making as well. :smile:

We did a introduction to Ruby in SketchUp at last Basecamp, that get people introduced and familiar with Ruby and SketchUp Ruby. Targeted for people with no coding experience. It was well received. We’ve been talking about how to take that further. So your experience with getting started is interesting to us.

We created an extension that we haven’t published yet, that lets you browse the SU Ruby API docs from within SketchUp; while also allowing you to execute and tinker with the examples: GitHub - SketchUp/interactive-sketchup-ruby-api-documentation: Interactive SketchUp Ruby API documentation extension.

I just created a RBZ for it, available on GitHub: Releases · SketchUp/interactive-sketchup-ruby-api-documentation · GitHub
Eventually we’ll get that published on Extension Warehouse.

If you have one of these things you’d like to tackle, start a thread here on the forums if you get stuck. And the good people here will guide you through it. If you have a short list we might be able to suggest what might be a simple task vs a harder task.


It is going to take me some time to go over all the information on ruby. But I will make a short list when I am ready to begin. I will appreciate you alls ideas on which task to would be easier.

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Thanks for helping out Thomas
Love your Apps
Is your Basecamp talk available online?
I did some programming back at school 30yrs ago, so guess I’d be starting from scratch.