Could SketchUp popup a bubble/window/datasheet through any function

Hi, Guys
For I’m new to Sketchup dev, I’m not familiar with the API. So, would you tell me the function could be done by Sketchup?
what I want to do is to show the info of the model. It could be a unit or a group.
e.g. there are kinds of desks in the scenario. When I click on one kind of desks, a info bubble/window/datasheet could be popup, so I can show the info intuitively for showing purpose.
I would like to know how to “popup” the info.
Thank you very much.

You need not learn Ruby coding. Just use the Dynamic Component Attributes window to add custom attributes and set their access type (“user can see” and perhaps “user can edit”.)
Then use the Dynamic Component Options window to view the attribute data.

Here is the Component Attributes window with a DC Bookshelf component instance selected …

Here is the Component Options window when one of the bookshelf instances is selected with the SelectionTool

If you really want to program your own window, you will need to learn basic Ruby coding, then how the SketchUp API extends Ruby, and then HTML, CSS and Javascript for coding a UI::HtmlDialog class window.

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Hi, DanRathbun
Thank you very much for your reply.
In fact, I also need to show some data outside the model at the same time. So I think it is necessary to write programs.
Thank you very much for point out that way could make sense. And I think I’ll need a web server as well.
Thanks again!