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Hello my dear, how are you?

I would like a help from you, I work with physical models for architecture, and I use several plugins that make the work easier, some free others not, I need 2 things:

Personalized toolbar: I know the “toolbar editor” plugin, but it doesn’t always work with me, and every computer I use needs to do it all over again, I really wanted to write a ruby that calls for the installed plugins.

buttons that edit text files (.dat) with presets and then, just like in the above request, call a plugin.

thank you very much!

Well then what problem are you having with your Ruby code ?

What does it lack that you need ?

@DanRathbun Thank you very much for your attention, after I posted here in the community, I continued my research and discovered a very complete Ruby course, and even better, in Portuguese, I believe I will be able to create my own plugin, I will certainly need your help! lol

Okay, I believe Aerilius’ Toolbar Editor is not encrypted so you can use that as a tutorial per se.

I do remember a very old plugin by Jim Foltz over at SketchUcation, that did read data files and create custom toolbars. I don’t remember what it was called.

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Bookmark the Ruby Resources list I created here in the forum …

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