Toolbar editor


Hi everyone. I installed the toolbar editor but it apears blank. I mean there is no icon on rights ide to drag and drop. even if I paste code asinnig to icon it seem’s doing nothing at all.
also want to ask if it could be possible to sign a dynamic component from library to icon and make library on screen. like just click icon and you’d get dc in model.
thank you for advice.


This is an extension? Can you link to it? Is there any errors in the Ruby Console? Can you provide a screenshot?

Is that related to the first question? (If not it would be better to start a separate thread. The conversation quickly gets confusing if there are multiple topics.)


I am sorry @tt_su to by not clear enought. I was talking about this: aerilius toolbar editor. there you are suppose to be able to edit toolbars by drag and drop of ruby scripts. but my doesn’t do much and it a pear blank on screen. link:
I am sorry but at the moment I am not near my comp so no screenshot. .

and yes the question about attaching dcs to an icons and make sort of library as an toolbar was about possibility to do it with the toolbar editor.
if the plugin works…
thank you


I see this extension was recently updated, previously it only worked on SU>2016 versions, thanks @Aerilius !

The previous version worked a charm on the older SU versions, unless there is a problem in the code update I expect much the same now.

The tool was made so you could create your own custom toolbars from extensions you have already installed, to my knowledge you can’t change the already existent extensions toolbars.


yes I understand that but … No extensions shown at the right window at all. I always have to create one myself. than I drag it to toolbar window at the left and press apply. the thing is that than everything disappears again. and itS all blank again. maybe I am missing something.
thanks @Julian Smith


@Aerilius something definitely seems to be not working as intended, I too can’t seem to get this to work. Maybe I’m missing something as well?

I can add a new Toolbar, granted it only “sticks” if there is a new tool placed in it. But the icons doesn’t seem to register, also selecting the chosen (not showing proper) icon doesn’t launch anything. I also can’t seem to get a list of available buttons to show?

Can you verify that v1.1.3 in the EW works (as intended) on SU2018pro?



@Aerilius doesn’t seem to be accepting PM’s at the moment, I tried contacting him in this regard.

Anybody else on the SketchUp end ( @tt_su maybe) that could maybe test this?


another bump

@Aerilius @tt_su @TheOnlyAaron anybody?


If the extension isn’t working right then Andreas is the one that can address it. Not sure if he has it available on GitHub? Even they he would need to be available to accept any pull requests to fix it.


Is this what @Box uses for the little floating tool palettes in his GIF’s? Maybe he has experience with it.


I have no idea.

Wondering what one must do to get the attention of the author and / SketchUp crew. Can’t PM the author and pinging anybody doesn’t help.


Hmmmm… When I click on his name in your bump post, I get an option to send him a message.


Yes, until you actually try to send the PM you’ve typed, it comes back that @Aerilius isn’t accepting PM’s.


Ah… I didn’t actually try to send him a message. Maybe he turned off messaging because he was getting pestered by too many people.


that could be

pings also missed

maybe ThomThom or someone who has contact with him could put in a mention that he takes a look if it is functioning correctly or if it’s my ID10T problem?


It could also be he’s got his own job to do and needs to concentrate on that to earn his living. He’s certainly not doing that here. :wink:


of course that is a consideration

22 posts in the last 7 days by him though, would be great to just have a “it’s working like it should” or “there seems to be a problem” or “busy right now, will get onto it whenever”


This profile indicate he’d been active - so I don’t want to message him beyond this thread.

Speaking as someone who released and maintain 50+ extensions - responding to all requests is overwhelming some times. I’m not even able myself to respond to all messages and requests I get - certainly not in an immediate time-frame. These non-commercial extensions are developed on people’s spare time - some days, weeks or months there just isn’t enough time to keep up at all time.

This is where it would be nice if more of these free extensions were made available on GitHub etc, so others could jump in and provide a Pull Request with a fix.