How to get start learning to make Extension (Plugin)

I need information or help
I want to create new plugin. From start basic. I dont have any program knowledge C++ or java etc.

  1. What software i need.
  2. Where can i find Tutorial
  3. Are there articles or website available to learn

The easiest way to create a plugin is by using the SketchUp Ruby API.

If you’ve never programmed before, you should start with something simple. Most tutorials start with a “Hello, World!” program where you get the program to print “Hello, World!” somewhere. In SketchUp, you can open the Ruby Console (menu option “Window >> Ruby Console”) and try things from there. For example, type:

puts "Hello, World!"

into the console and hit [enter] … surprisingly enough, it echoes back Hello, World!

All you really need is a text editor (although you can use more elaborate tools to enhance your programming environment).

They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! Search for “sketchup ruby tutorial” or similar.

The Ruby language has its own set of instructions aside from SketchUp:

The inherited derivation you can use for SketchUp is documented here:

Lack of programming experience is no barrier to learning to write SketchUp plugins … however, you will have quite a steep learning curve ahead of you before you begin to see daylight. One tip is to start simple … understanding the “Hello, World!” program is but the first step. Also, walk before you run; don’t try to create a flight simulator as your first project.

If you need help, ask in the forums …

Thanks for ur reply can u give me ur Email id so that i can contact u personally and ask question and get help

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Because so many people ask these same questions, over and over, I posted an informational thread with links:

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You really need to learn basic Ruby and simple programming concepts, first.

You should post your general Ruby programming questions in the general Ruby forum:

Then later, after you learn some Ruby, you can use the SketchUp Ruby API, which is an extension to core Ruby. (The code examples in the SketchUp API documentation does not teach how to program in Ruby.)
Come back here to the Ruby API category, in these forums, to ask SketchUp specific programming questions.

But please, do a search first. It is quite likely someone has already asked the question before.