How to edit rbs file?

What is the rbs file?
How to edit rbs file?

An RBS file is in an encrypted format.
As is the newer RBE file format.
A plain RB Ruby file can be edited using a plain-text editor like Notepad++

But all of this begs the question - why would you want to edit an encrypted file ?
Authors encrypt their code’s RB files to protect their intellectual property from theft.
So wanting to edit such a file seems somewhat suspect…
If it’s your own file then surely you’ll have the original editable RB.
But it it’s not your file then you have no business wanting to edit it anyway ??

Also note that the older RBS file’s encryption is widely known to have been ‘hacked’ some years ago - and these days it is used for simple obfuscation against prying eyes: however, the newer RBE format is more robust - so far at least…

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I want edit the rbs file to add my own language
You can help me

I explained why decrypting an RBS file for editing is questionable, even if it can be done…

Can I suggest that you start a dialog with the author of this particular encrypted toolset, and offer a translation in your own language - or if you are lucky then perhaps he can explain how to access his code’s ‘strings’ without any decryption being necessary…

PS: You added an image after I typed a reply.
What you show are built-in menu items from SketchUp itself.
These are not within any RBS files, but hard coded into the exe itself, so it’s not even the same issue…
There appears to be some Arabic [?] translations of your SketchUp version anyway. Perhaps you need to speak directly with the SketchUp team ? I don’t think there’s an Arabic-version installer available ?

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sound good
how can speak?

Members of SketchUp’s Team might see your post here…
Otherwise find an email address and send something to SketchUp / Trimble ?


Another Iranian user asked this recently …

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If enough people ask for this, maybe Trimble could add it. I don’t know how big the Iranian user base is but in the SketchUp group I’m in on Facebooks there seems to be quite a large amount of middle eastern users.

With regard to sales in Iran specifically, relations would need to improve and U.S. sanctions get lifted for this to possibly be allowed to happen.

Having Iranian collegues (not working in Iran), I have really a hard time to understand how politics dare to affect innocent civil people (also considering that language and country are not 100% matching concepts). But political sanctions might be a hot iron for Trimble’s legal department to hesitate approving a feature that could somehow be misinterpreted.

One solution is (I remember SketchUp team members were positive about that idea) to refactor language support completely out of all binaries, so that it is 1.) easier to add multiple languages to one installer and 2.) to have user-contributed languages (inoffical).

@amani.mostafa5, you have already looked in Localizable.strings? Not all is translatable by editing text files.

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Thanks for helping me SketchUp
I’m trying to find a solution

I hope the situation gets better

And the system of dictatorship in Iran is also changing

I purposefully avoided taking any political stand above.
I simply stated what the situation may be for most U.S. companies.
(Export to foreign nations, especially software, is controlled by the U.S. State Department.)

It’s not the language of the software that is the issue.
It is the SALE of software or other certain products.

Not being an expert on the situation, it could be that SketchUp is exempt in that the sanctions are only on certain enumerated products. Trimble needs to tread carefully as they are a large supplier of products to the U.S. government.

I’ll edit my previous post to indicate “sales”.


31 CFR § 560.204 - Prohibited exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply of goods, technology, or services to Iran.

31 CFR § 560.206 - Prohibited trade-related transactions with Iran; goods, technology, or services.

Software exclusions:
GENERAL LICENSE D-1, General License with Respect to
Certain Services, Software, and Hardware Incident to Personal Communications

I agree with the “protecting” of intellectual property rights, and if I tried to change the code it would only screw it up. Yet, I like to see how things work, how the program interacts with the other HTML, Ruby scripts, etc. They have made it to where only a few persons can write a script. In the past anybody could write a script, not that it was worth a darn, but it was a way to add functionality to the program.

Incorrect. Nothing has changed.

In fact the number of examples has grown and continues to grow.

Again, untrue !

Extensions authors are not forced to encrypt their work.
Ie, SketchUp can still load plain text (unencrypted) .rb files.

Extension authors can distribute their works anywhere and anyhow they choose.
They are not limited to using Trimble Extension Warehouse.


Thank you for the kind and clear response. It has been several years since I have attempted to use the ruby scripts. To get information from the SU drawing and to put information into the drawing just has me baffled. I guess I need the "Extension Writes for Idiots Guide’’ (or a nicer title might be more civil). I love to watch Aaron and others as they fly through their Sketchup lessons.

Maybe a pointer on where beginners can get the basic’s would be helpful. Thanks

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Your information has really opened my eyes. The book of “Automatic Sketchup” is fantastic. Generally a book get completed then it is out of date, I have been doing every exercise, figuring out what I am doing wrong, sweat a bit, look some stuff up, and keep chipping away. Just finished chapter 12, the Robot.rb code 12.6 line 47/48 has an omission of a couple of “()”

Create upper arm bonesupper_arm_trans_r = Geom::Transformation.translation([0.0, body_

radius+2, 1.75]) * so it doesn’t work without adding these, just match what is a couple of lines down.

Hopefully others are taking your advice and using these resources. I will not remember everything, but have already learned how to use the information and can refer back to it when needed. Thank you for being patient with us frustrated persons!

Your most welcome, but ... (click to expand) ...

, but details about “Automatic Sketchup” are off-topic in this thread. Please begin a new topic to discuss it (if you cannot find one open and unlocked.) And yes, there are likely many things to talk about in that book.

Also, please post code correctly in these categories: