Ruby script mentor

Hi there,

I would like to find a mentor who is interested in helping me to write ruby scripts.
1 - 2 hrs per week mentorship at your hourly rate.

Amount of previous programming experience:

  1. VBA - familiar with its hierarchy. Can write simple VBA code with loops, nested loops.

  2. Dynamic Components - Good understanding of DC functions and parent/child hierarchy. Good ability building DC’s.

  3. Ruby - An understanding reading ruby. Little experience writing. Reading, Sketchup API and importing snippets to the Ruby Code Editor.

It is enjoyable but time consuming learning ruby. In hope of finding a mentor the process becomes a more efficient, informative and enjoyable one.

I am based in London, UK.

I’d be pleased to hear form you if it is of interest.

Best wishes,


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I suggest you edit the first post addition background information, ie:

  • amount of previous programming experience
  • known coding languages
  • code editors familiar with

Also suggest you spend time learning the basics. Start here …

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Thank you Dan.

I am slowly making my way through the documentation.


Please let us know of any confusion and improvements to the documentation that would help you as someone getting started: Issues · SketchUp/api-issue-tracker · GitHub

Also, you’ll find more examples on our github account. Also there, please let us know about confusion and improvements to be made in the appropriate repo.

Thank you.

I am fairly confused.

I shall report back if further confusion arises due to the docs or if I see opportunity for improvements

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About what?

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I think maybe i can do this job,
but my oral english is not very good.
there is some problem in communication.
but I think we can use google the problem seems not too big

I’m based in Sichuan ,China.
so if u can use WeChat or Teams, contact me

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Thank you clams.

I have sent you an email.


Hey, also just getting into ruby. Read this over the weekend, found it quite helpful.

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Thanks Ryan

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There are free downloadable Ruby books in the resource lists I posted a link to above.
This list topic should be pinned to the top of the Ruby category.

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Thank you Dan

This is a great source for learning ruby!

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I have familiarity with various coding languages although I would not describe myself as a “coder”.

I found Ruby and the SketchUp API confusing at first but after getting stuck in with working through existing available scripts and asking for help on this forum, I have a much better understanding such that I can write simple scripts for myself.