Purge Extension

Hello, I want to create an Extension or Script to be used at my office. I have never done Ruby script but willing to learn.
I want a button to execute - Purge Components > Purge Materials > Purge Tags
does any have an idea where to start? a video on scripting? has this been done before?
thank you

Do you really need to reinvent the wheel? You could use TIG’s old Purge All which already does this.

What does this have to do with “Old 3D Warehouse accou”?

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I posted this by accident on Old 3D Warehouse account. Since I was posting a question about 3D warehouse yesterday.
Was not aware of that extension but will check it out.
It is also an excuse for me to learn Ruby script for some other functions I want to add to Sketchup.

It’s a good day for purging!

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…in addition to DaveR:

You can start to learn Ruby here

(BTW. You can edit your first post and give a proper name and move to proper categories eg. [developers] [ruby-api] )

Thank you, been using Sketchup for 15 years, but the forums for 2 days. Will be better on where to post next time.

No probs! :slight_smile: I moved it to proper category now… :wink:

Perfect! thank you so much :smiley:

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