Wish List for Basecamp 2020!


You are not alone anymore :smiley::



It’s okay. I earned it 3 years ago, and no body had until now :slight_smile:


These ought to help all of us remember what’s happened in 2018 3D Basecamp :slight_smile:

2018 Bootcamp

2018 Basecamp


Shall we create a thread for sharing still pictures of Basecamp 2018?


Unfortunately, I don’t have that many stills. Just lots of videos :wink:


Please do! The app is a great place for that, but I’d love to see them live on here.


When will the photos be out that your photographer took? I saw him in one of my talks I’m hoping he has at least one ha!


They’re still being edited, but we’ll share them once we get them. Stay tuned for a link here!


Ok, done here.


Also really looking forward to some of the videos of the sessions. Will those be made publicly available?


A few of the presentations will be available, but probably not for another month or two. I’ll make sure I post a link to those once they’re live.

Please release all recorded 3D Basecamp 2018 presentations