Wish List for Basecamp 2020!


You are not alone anymore :smiley::




It’s okay. I earned it 3 years ago, and no body had until now :slight_smile:

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These ought to help all of us remember what’s happened in 2018 3D Basecamp :slight_smile:

2018 Bootcamp

2018 Basecamp



Shall we create a thread for sharing still pictures of Basecamp 2018?



Unfortunately, I don’t have that many stills. Just lots of videos :wink:



Please do! The app is a great place for that, but I’d love to see them live on here.



When will the photos be out that your photographer took? I saw him in one of my talks I’m hoping he has at least one ha!



They’re still being edited, but we’ll share them once we get them. Stay tuned for a link here!



Ok, done here.



Also really looking forward to some of the videos of the sessions. Will those be made publicly available?



A few of the presentations will be available, but probably not for another month or two. I’ll make sure I post a link to those once they’re live.


Please release all recorded 3D Basecamp 2018 presentations

Student Pricing -
There is not much room for price discounts. From what I observed BaseCamp does not generate much if any revenue for SketchUp. I think that any money left over from one event probably goes towards the next BaseCamps.
SketchUp is in September, a time with most students are in school.
Having minors in an area where alcohol is available creates additional problems and many times is regulated by state and local laws. No, drink tickets are not considered a control mechanism.
Student pricing leaves room for abuse. I had an .edu email for years and never took a class. I can reactivate my .edu email at any time and never attend a class or step foot on a campus. Should I get a discount? Where do the discounts stop? What about a Senior Discount?
BaseCamp is an event for professionals and should be considered a business expense. A summertime student BaseCamp would be better suited for young SektchUp users. Students already get a substantial discount on Sketchup licenses.
As stated at BaseCamp 48% of attendees were beginners which presents enough of a challenge for presenters without adding the student dynamic.

Limit attendance growth to keep atmosphere inviting - Contradicts your desire for student admission which would either increase attendance or keep professionals from attending.

Breakout Sessions by the pins/profession - Did you consider creating your own breakout session as a trial and ask SketchUp to send a broadcast through the app as proof of concept?

Icons of the Pins on Breakfast Tables -
SketchUp is about community and what you are suggesting is segregation. I liked that every day I would get to meet different people from different professions who live in different countries.
Here are some examples of the SketchUp 3D modelers I met:
A chef turned furniture designer for an international company. A father and son, architects in different states. A parade float designer. A family game center designer. A lady who designs gardens (not yards). I met landscape designers from Iceland & Australia and a couple of YouTube celebrities. I also met Sketchup Sages, SketchUp developers and SketchUp celebrities. Then I met a movie production space planner and then a construction site space planner. I also met a movie concept artist and a theatrical set designer. I met construction professionals, architects, landscape designers and landscape architects, and those who use SketchUp in various fields of the entertainment industry. I met people from Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, the UK, WA, PA, CA, AZ, and GA.
After meeting all these different professional at BaseCamp I may have come up with a new business model for my SketchUp skills.

Forum names on badges, Forum name prominent on badges. Volunteer forum promoters in designated forum promotion area. Forum Lounge near Knowledge Cafe, or some area of the Knowledge Café.
You seem to be a big fan of the SketchUp forum while in reality it was not that big a part of BaseCamp. I met many people at BaseCamp and forum membership and participation was not a big part of their SketchUp life. The forum is a source of research and help but not a social media venue. I would ask SketchUp about the numbers of attendees vs forum members vs active forum members. I suspect the Pereto principle applies to forum member vs active participation. Every time I went to the Knowledge Café it was mostly empty and could have facilitated the SketchUp forum gatherings you suggested.

Given name prominent on badges - I don’t look at badges, I look at people. I’m old school and look someone in the eye, put out my hand and introduce myself. And the term prominent in this context is ambiguous and would never get a consensus.

Forum link on last slide (QR Code?) to facilitate further discussion - Why not start a thread in the forum and see who participates. I was going all day long for five days and did not have much time for online discussion. Also, I met with people in person and talked just like in the old days.

Sketchup “Personality” and skill level test to help attendees pick appropriate sessions and help schedulers and curriculum developers make decisions.
What if people don’t want to take a test? SketchUp does not offer any certification for users and professionals why do it for a one week event? Also, there is a science behind this type of assessment which is required for accurate results, which can be expensive. As far as assisting the attendees, what you suggest was part of the app.

Insulated coffee/adult beverage cups as swag - One should attend BaseCamp for the knowledge not the freebies. As far as I know the BaseCamp tradition is water bottles. This year’s water bottle is a huge step up in features over the last BaseCamp. I don’t drink coffee and give my mugs away so an insulated water bottle is appreciated. Where do the SWAG requests stop, color of towels, size of bags, etc. SWAG is SWAG, take it or leave it.

Only have sessions that teach practical skills (i.e. no “let me share my portfolio” sessions)
There were two events, BootCamp and BaseCamp and each had a particular focus, workshops vs presentations.
The BaseCamp App and website was very clearly color coded to identify workshops, events, presentations, etc. (Something that could not happen in the forum.)

Drop the Basecamp App and use the forum instead.
The app was very well designed for the BaseCamp event and also laid out use on a smartphone. The forum is not the vehicle for Basecamp and would require a complete overhaul to accommodate what the app accomplished.

4D SketchUp model of the venue to help attendees plan what to attend and how to get there. There was a comprehensive map of the venue in the app.
I don’t think many people actually knew about, let alone used all the features of the app. It was very powerful and helpful. If anything I would suggest a “SkillBuilder” video on using the app prior to future BaseCamps.

Introduce sages and SU team at the opening session - Great idea, I kept waiting for that to happen. Introduce SketchUp Management, Sages Prominent community members, etc.



If you are quoting a post, it is very helpful to use Discourse’s quote function (especially in long threads).
For anyone else reading, TCD refers to the first post by jesse_s.

As for student pricing, one has to define “student”, either as school pupils (minor) or university students (usually adult). Since the .edu domain is US-owned, it is a sufficient but not necessary condition to determine whether someone is a student or not. In many countries Basecamp is actually during semester break (although there are exams, so there is never an optimal time). Still, I think a dedicated event for students (or local events around the world) would be a good idea.

I find that actually a good idea. I felt the event was so big (>1200 people) and everyone was already occupied with people they knew that were foreign to me. I even didn’t find the people I knew and who were there. Organizing the networking would help to find people with at least somewhat matching interests. To avoid segregation into professional fields, the criteria for assembling tables (or meeting points) need to be orthogonal to professions, and need to change from one time to another. And after all it should be a suggestion, and still open to random mixing.

In my opinion the app was quite appropriate, especially with its stream (although there is room for improvement as much as the attendify app allows). It was somewhat more intimate than a world-wide public website. Also the forum would be too much cluttered and distracted by the amount of information that is not relevant to people who do not attend or who are just seeking for help.

I think I met a lot of people that I also met on some forums, but didn’t make the connection until I boarded the airplane home (as if the person I met and the forum member were different persons). Having the option to voluntarily print a common pseudonym (be it an artist name, SketchUcation, Discourse, reddit, etc.) would be a huge improvement, for those who want. The fact that many are not forum members or that the Knowledge Café was empty can also be a reason to make it more prominent. After all it is the official forum.



@TCD1317 I would like to clarify that I didn’t come up with most of the suggestions, the summary at the top was for those who might like to know some of the suggestions. I included all of the requests, regardless of whether I liked the ideas or not, and did my best to see the merit in everyone’s suggestions. I have edited the original post to clarify, and I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

As an example, your statement here:

It does indeed reference my idea of student pricing, but the idea of limiting attendance growth comes from another user:

Which I did follow up with a post confirming his sentiment, that large conferences become sterile and impersonal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I think that should be done, or that student pricing would preclude that. I think that in my time working with SketchUp and the Team that makes it happen, they have been overwhelmingly capable of ideating amazing solutions when things appeared to be conflicting, and if they decided that student pricing and limiting basecamp growth fit with their business model, I have no doubt that they could come up with an elegant solution.

I think if you read through the forum posts to see the full discussion and quote those who made the solutions asking for clarification, you will likely get more from this thread.

And please, as per the forum guidelines, criticize ideas, not people.

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Alright, those videos and the conversation here has me intrigued!

I don’t have much to offer other than positive props!

I like what you’re doing here, Jesse.

Subscribing to follow this thread.

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Hi @micthorn We will be releasing the dates in the next 1-2 months, but before that my best advice is to plan around mid-September.



Just couple of thoughts on topics and general ideas.

  • Trimble Connect - since now it is fully part of the product, really hope it gets more attention,

  • actually, would be quite interesting to see and hear more from other parts of Trimble and how it all comes together (around SU). And not only in construction world.

  • Possibly 1-2 sessions with examples of design offices, contractors, solutions designers - how they organise team work, collaboration, work-flow (kind of related to a previous one),

  • Some kind of panel/group discussion or session for people who have many SU licenses (e.g. over 15-20-50 and more - some kind of enterprise level), as organising work in such offices/companies is usually quite different from individual users and will involve some interesting (hopefully) techniques. And people who are basically doing “internal sales” of it (SU “evangelists”) are quite a separate group.

  • Since in will be in 2020 and SU Campus will have a chance to grow and develop more by that time - some kind of certification as part of BootCamp?

  • Better use of time - I understand, that some people would prefer to depart earlier, but I’m sure that Friday can be utilised much better with more sessions and, possibly, slightly later closure.




I still don’t get what Connect is for, but it could be that I work almost entirely on my own in SketchUp. I’d be interested in learning more about Connect.



Yes, in that case it will not help a lot.

I just kind of done a small scale trial of it to see what it does. Quite liked its online SketchUp viewer (simplifies the model, but handles big ones) and phone application. Plus Trimble Connect for Hololens generally works better with big models compared with SketchUp viewer.

But it all about collaboration and having easy access to model from different devices. Not ideal and it is very visible that SketchUp support was added as a quick a dirty bolt-on, but it works. :slight_smile: (but a HUGE area for improvement and plugins)

Plus I really hoped that they will develop it, adding SketchUp user management in Trimble Connect (like MS Office 365), to make life of people with many SU licenses easier.

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It all sounds reasonable to me. I’d love to go to one. Is there not one scheduled in 2019?