Wish List for Basecamp 2020!


@jesse_s It’s great that there were so many interesting subjects that MatchPhoto was lost in the selection, right? Before the session there were close to 60 who ‘signed up’ for the Workshop in the BaseCamp App. Springs Ballroom K was one of the smaller rooms but it was nearly full for the workshop… I guesstimated 100 or so… enough to raise the adrenaline level for this first-time presenter, that’s for sure! The learning environment at BaseCamp is such that I learned a couple new things in the process of teaching how useful MatchPhoto is for my work.


@thedigitaljobsite, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss it because I didn’t see it, I missed it because it wasn’t in the Basecamp, only the Bootcamp, and I only attended Basecamp (I didn’t really even look at the schedule for Monday and Tuesday since I wasn’t attending those days). I’d love to see any info you have from your presentation, I know how to use match photo, I’m interested in how you use it because I think there are a lot of ways I might be missing out on.

I’m glad that your turnout was so good, that’s fantastic. I think photo match is an outstanding tool. I was at the hotel Monday and Tuesday, and I was impressed to see how many people were there for the Bootcamp days.


I think I remember seeing it, but had a conflict with Nick Sonder’s detailing section. It sure was hard making choices.

MatchPhoto is probably my favorite, and most used feature. I’ve taught it once or twice in my high school class, and I started discussions to teach it maybe Jan/Feb at AIA/Connecticut. As always, as much as I think I know something, I’m constantly humbled by other’s knowledge, so it would have been nice to see what you do with it.


If there is a MatchPhoto session next time I’ll try to go to it. MatchPhoto is one of the few native features I don’t use much, and where i find the controls a bit counter-intuitive. Could be that I’ve tried to match aerial photos and not photos of clearly orthogonal geometry.


I like this idea, but worry that those who aren’t on the forum might feel left out or downright confused about what that area is. Perhaps we consider hosting a meetup one evening for forum members to connect “IRL”? :wink:


Hey @eneroth3… Aaron & I did a Facebook Live on MatchPhoto back in January. Perhaps it will help a little since we show a few different examples – including some 3D Basecamp-related stuff. I tested that 3DBC ‘fire logo’ on the hotel wall with MatchPhoto in this one : )

Facebook Live: Match Photo (January 24, 2018)


You might want to turn it around in some way. It might be a good idea to have a spot in the Knowledge Cafe that somehow promotes awareness of the Forums particularly to those attendees who aren’t familiar with it. Maybe even help people set up an account if they don’t have one yet?


When I first walked down that hall, I thought, “Wait, I’ve seen this before! Josh and Aaron modeled this hall and all these doorways in that presentation.”


Good idea!


I think the term IRL is gradually being replaced with AFK (away from keyboard) as many people think life in cyberspace is just as real :stuck_out_tongue: .

Regarding the forum and Basecamp I have 2 ideas.

  1. Write forum name on the badge for everyone that has one
  2. Ditch the app and use the forum instead. The forum is cross-platform and supports about anything the app supports.


I really like this, I don’t think there should be any reason that us users aren’t aware of the help they can get and give on the forums.

I really like this as well, but I don’t know if I can post photos from my phone(edit: apparently I can), and I did like the photo wall, despite the frequent takeovers…:rofl:

I would also love to see a 4D Sketchup model of the next basecamp to help us navigate the conference space. We could highlight our plans in the various time slot scenes, and then just view it in the Sketchup App to see where we needed to go next? I had a lot of people ask where the Knowledge Cafe was, and what it was, but if they played around with the model ahead of time, they might have a better feel for what is available. After all, most SketchUp users are probably better at navigating a 3d model than a long list of text , except maybe for developers…


That would be something for the VR island: Imagine virtually walking around and then entering the virtual VR island and then you cannot find yourself there anymore.


@jesse_s Sounds like you’re considering adding BootCamp attendance in 2020? We share an appreciation for this feature and, as I mentioned, I learned a couple things from attendees I didn’t know before.
I’d like to know what you know too since there’s bound to be other features you’re using that I’ve not stumbled upon as yet. In the meantime; much of what I know about and use MatchPhoto for is shown in a couple videos I published on The Digital Jobsite on YouTube. If you visit the Channel you should find one for a fireplace mantle and another that shows an entry porch roof on a simple tract home.
The main use that I haven’t covered on YouTube or in the BaseCamp workshop is for placing a model in a ‘landscape’ setting where there’s no existing ‘geometry’ for orienting and scaling the photo. In an advanced class training environment I’d cover some ‘work arounds’ I used to place things like this “helicopter” feature in a children’s playland setting.

I appreciate your interest in the topic and dialog about it!


eneroth3; Sage-dom isn’t easily attained… it would surprise me to know there’s things about SketchUp that you don’t know. :grin: If you have any questions about MatchPhoto you think I could answer please don’t hesitate to ask!


I like this idea! So much that, as a fairly frequent contributor, I’d be happy to volunteer to STAFF a forum promotion station for - say an hour a day perhaps?


This forum promotion area should have a never ending supply of coffee and the best deserts!


Frankly, I’d setting for a good assortment of fresh fruit beyond apples and bananas. At BC2018, I was truly disappointed that the only fresh fruit (outside of composed desserts) as bananas and apples.


…and the one apple I had, I couldn’t even finish, so bananas was it for me. I guess I could have used the car to go out to a store somewhere, but I never had a spare minute.


It is a desert, after all, maybe it was intended :smiley:

+1 on this.
Maybe the active forum user can have secondary ‘cool’ badge as a head turner. :wink:

I do like the general vibe of the 3D Basecamp app.
It was good in 2016, and I think 2018 was done right too.
Some people aren’t so used to the forum’s text, information base setup, whilst being very used to Instagram, Facebook, photo, casual type of posting.

Since the forum’s topic section like this ‘happenings’, ‘cornerbar’ is meant for more loose and casual discussions, ‘3DBC’ section can be solely dedicated for the event maybe?


If you don’t loose the key…:joy: