3D Basecamp 2018 Pictures Anyone?


3D Basecamp 2018 is over, but perhaps those who attended would care to share some of their pictures (and videos) with the community. The conference app had a social media feed, but it was a) only for registered attendees, who b) could use the app on a smartphone (@Geo showed me his trusty flip-phone sans app), was c) restricted to a square aspect ratio, and, well, d) as an archive, try and find anything in that feed now. So, feel free to share your pictures and experience here.

Wish List for Basecamp 2020!

We’re definitely in search of some great, high-res photos from 3D Basecamp if anyone has any to share! We’ll give full credit if we share them anywhere :wink:


I shot some pics with the iPad and others with the Lumix LX100 (like the one above), which is a “real” camera (i.e. it shoots RAW files). I can’t be the only one to take pictures though. There must be lots.

BTW, It was nice to talk photography and cameras with Thomthom.


Ok, here’s a few. The location.


My morning view in the Dessert Villas II



Joshua Cohen, Fat Pencil Studio, Photogrametry

Matt Donley, Introduction to Layout


Nice toys from Ultimaker.


Keynote with @TheOnlyAaron and Grant Imahara:


Thank you @RTCool! These are great.


Unfortunately I took very few photos of the event itself, a couple of location shots much like the ‘Cool’ shots above. But as I then spent 10 days wandering so-cal and Arizona I did manage a few other shots. Which leads me to the view of Palm Desert from above and the wonderful road that I drove on the wrong side four times (twice in a silverado which is a beast that should have never been built for the road) just to get the right rental car.




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@eneroth3 sorry for the low quality but this was the best of the series :sweat_smile:


The falconer from “Winged Solutions,” I think:


I didn’t want to get asociated with Knowledge, a cafe or these legs…:joy:



The “Desert Glow” party