2023 Trays Freezing

Why has there not been an update to fix the freezing trays on startup in Sketchup 2023? On startup my trays are on a second screen not to clutter my may drawing screen. The trays freeze every single time on startup. I can close them and reopen them and then they are fine until the I open another file. I have contacted support multiple times and follow up with the answer, “we don’t have a timeframe for this fix”?

We are all waiting for the fix for many 2023 issues. So far the only release after the original is internal security updates.

SketchUp Desktop 2023.1 was released today.

Please download and see if the trays are fixed for you.


Not sure that link is to the 2023.1 version

it links to the releases notes.

the 2023.1 version is either is the download section, or accessible in SU23 by asking to check for updates. as usual :wink:

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A lot of Windows scaling issues were improved in 2023.1. I’m not familiar with the trays freezing issue, so I’m not sure if that particular problem has been solved. Still worth trying the update.

The release notes do include suggested steps to do after changing Windows settings. Look for the part that says " Windows Display and Scaling support".

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Update… I downloaded the update and…It seems to have fixed the issue of the trays freezing on a different screen. This is one huge step for wanting to use Sketchup 2023 more and more.


Now after the update Copy/paste does not work from one file to another??

It’s a goofy regression bug. @colin can give a workaround for it.

If you have two versions of SketchUp open, or two instances of 2023.1, pasting into the second instance may not work at first. To work around that, do a Copy of anything in the second instance. That seems to wake up the clipboard, and you can now copy and paste from the first instance into the second instance. After having done one Copy action, copy and paste should work until you next restart SketchUp.

I added this note, to say that the 2023.1.3 update fixed the problem with copy and paste.


So this will need to be done everyday I have more than one Sketchup open and need to copy/paste something? Please tell me no.

If you close down all copies of SketchUp, then open multiple copies the next day, then yes, if you need to copy and paste between those two instances of SketchUp would have to do at least one Copy action before copy and paste would work.

If you have been pasting ok into one model, then start working on another model in that same instance of SketchUp, the pasting would continue to work.


SketchUp Desktop 2023.1.3 was released yesterday and fixes the issue with copy/paste between two instances/versions of SketchUp. Release notes here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/release-notes/sketchup-desktop-202313. You can get the latest release by opening SketchUp and then doing Help>Check For Update

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