Trays not operating

Hi I have always had issues with version 2023 and the trays not registering or operable on start up.
I hoped that the latest update would have sorted the problem out, but it has not.
I have made a video of what I see on start up of Sketchup so you may better see the issue.

Does anyone know where the issue lies? This only happens in Sketchup. The third part component browser I use works well so I am guessing it a Sketchup issue.

my windows and graphics driver are all up to date.

All the best

You are seeing a known bug , there are a few threads about it.
It’s something related to having 2 screens

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Thank you. I hope this gets sorted asap.
I will wait for the next update.

Thanks again

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Version 23.0.419 did not cure the problem.

The 2023.0.2 update only had security related changes in it.

Thanks for letting me know
I look forward to the next update.

Can I know when you think this will be fixed, please?
I have to do this 10, 20 or more times a day, and it’s frustrating and unproductive.
All the best