SketchUp 2023 Issues Impacting Workflow

Dear SketchUp Technical Team,

I am reaching out to address several critical issues we have encountered with SketchUp that are significantly impacting our workflow and productivity:

  1. SketchUp I The new SketchUp Aligner I feature is causing organization problems within the Outliner. Every time we copy a new 3D model into the workspace, this element is also copied and duplicated.
  2. SketchUp I Styles: Certain special and predestined styles are causing unexpected changes to the behavior and look and feel of our models. These issues are particularly affecting the Layout visualization, leading to undesired inconsistencies in the visual presentations.
  3. SketchUp I Scene Display: Upon reopening a SketchUp file, the first scene displayed in the models is unpredictable and appears to be randomly selected.
  4. SketchUp I Component Reloading: The reloading of components is not functioning properly and the software crashes, particularly with files larger than 5-10 megabytes (e.g., main project or XREF files). This limitation severely hampers our ability to work efficiently with complex projects, significantly impacting our productivity.
  5. LayOut I Updating a 3D model results in unexpected shifts and disorder within the orthographic plans in Layout. This issue becomes especially problematic when we have meticulously organized 2D views with dimensions and specifications. Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of these views is crucial for our design documentation.
  6. LayOut I Viewport Scale Tagging: In some cases, the viewport scale tagging is displaying incorrect scales, leading to errors and inaccuracies in our final deliverables.

I look forward to your rsponse and update for this points.

Thank you!



Hi Roko; thanks for posting these issues. If you have files exhibiting these problems consistently, would you be willing to share with our team so that we can test and try to diagnose what is going on? I will send you a private message to follow-up.

Is the SketchUp Aligner feature you mention an extension that you have recently installed? (Maybe it’s Orienter Express?)

Also, we are aware of the viewport shifting issue and we are hoping to deliver a fix before too long.


Hello Mark,

Just wanted to share with you that I have tried some of the new bug fixes in the new SketchUp 2023 and it seems that many of this problems are solved.

I will be in touch with you to keep on track on this improvements,

Thank you,



Hello again Mark,

It seems that the copy-paste process from one file to another is not yet optimized in the newest version of SketchUp. In the following video you can see what happen when I tried to make a simple copy of a 3d object from one file to another, the program dont react and failed trying to paste the geometry. This is something that I can do in few seconds in the 2022 version.

PD: It happens also when I tried to reload an external component and it never opens the file.
(I am working on a M1 Apple station).

Hope that you can fix this problem in the near future (It appears in the second or third update of the SketchUp 2023).

Thank you,


Temporary you can try this @RokoDesign

Hi. I have just closed all SketchUp sessions, restart my computer, and nothing…is still happening and I can not copy-paste from one file to another.

As I mentioned before this is something that works fluidly in 2022 and previous versions. With this important error and bug I have to erase SU 2023 and ensure that all my work is on a 2022 workflowm otherwise I have problems with Layout versions and components references that I can not refresh from other instances. (I work simultaneously with 2 or 3 SketchUp files that has the same XREF component to manage coherent updates and project versions).

Hope you can help us with this issue.

Again, I am working on a M1 minimac station




Hello again,

I´ve just deleted SketchUp 2023 with the AppCleaner app and reinstalled from scratch again. It seems that this bug is fixed with this process. I can now copy -paste from one file to another.

Thank you,


this is a PC fix for a PC issue, Roko has a mac issue :smiley:

sometimes, all you need is a radical move :wink:

Out of curiosity, how did you install your extensions in SU23 the first time ? did you reinstall all from scratch, copy the folder, use sketchucation…?
(say you copied the 22 folder, one extension might be behind this bad behaviour, your clean reinstall then solved it)