Trial mode, Trays frozen!

Hi, I am trying out the Sketchup pro and for some reason after a few weeks all the trays are frozen. I tried to restart the computer. Then re-installed sketchup. Twice! and still the same exact problem.
Any ideas on what might be happening . This goes on and i wont be able to purchase even if i want to.

What exactly are you doing right before you try to do something in one of the panels in the tray?

When you installed (and re-installed) SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer file and select Run as administrator? Or did you just double click on it to run it?

I just downloaded the latest version SketchUp Pro 2020.1 and made it run as an administrator. Then When i opened Sketchup, the trays are visible and totally unresponsive.

Does that mean you are opening SketchUp as administrator or you installed SketchUp using Run as administrator.

I installed it by right clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”

I expect @colin will be along to help you shortly.

Ok. now i started creating lines and tried using the trays, and miraculously they are working! I have been trying for days now. Seems to be working now.

I have had a couple of cases of the trays not working, in LayOut in that case. I didn’t figure out a solution.

Which panels were you trying to access before you started creating geometry?

OK. Here we go again! All trays frozen . Restarted Sketchup . Still frozen. Cant figure out what is causing the freezing

Try this:

[menu]Window->Preferences->Open GL : enable or disable ‘Use Fast feedback’

any changes?

Nope. Still the Same. Completely dead. No tool tips. etc

And the freeze takes them back to the same look as in my image sent.

What is your display scaling set to in Windows settings? (SketchUp only supports up to 150%)

Your profile is incomplete, What is the graphics in your system?


Any update on my notes? The Trays are still frozen

In SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL - is that same Graphics-Card listed ?

Have you tried to update the drivers for that Graphics-Card - direct from the manufacturer, rather that letting Windows Update try to do it - a known source of issues with some Graphics-Cards…

So to your questions, yes its the same graphics card listed.
I will try to manually update the drivers.