SKU 2023.1 Release

yes you can. before deleting SU23, you can go copy the plugin folder somewhere safe.

when returning to SU22? you can either clean install everything or copy the content of your plugin folder in SU22 plugin folder.
BUT if you do that, be careful about crashes and stuff. you might need to uninstall / reinstall some extensions anyway.

it’s the pair of solution when it comes to version transfer, either clean install (extension warehouse + sketchucation) or direct copy and pray it all goes well

I only sent in a small fraction of them. Can someone make a plugin to make it easier to install the plugins? I will gladly pay… I switched from 2022 to 2023 because I pay for it and it had nice new features. I just took the time to fully uninstall and reinstall to fix the bug splat issues and now I’m right back where I started. I can copy all of the rbz’s but all of the ones i have to pay for now and licensing them takes time. Already out my cost of yearly sketchup in lost wages just messing with this latest issue.

Can you make a small example model that will crash every time with those steps? We do have screen recordings from other people showing similar steps, but trying the same steps doesn’t crash with our own files.

For the component scale issue, there was a fix in 2023.0 to do with groups or components that had strange scaling values. The fix took care of a more extreme side effect, but it does seem to show up issues with models that have problems that are less extreme. In your stairs case the parts inside the main group were scaled up 13x. I’m not sure why that should have been a problem, I will show the file to the developer.

Meanwhile, here is your model with stairs that I made, where I went into the group and fixed the scaling issues. See how this looks in 2022 and 2023.

2210933 - Shorthose fixed scales.skp (7.8 MB)

Hi Colin, just opened the file and all good, thank you, what did you actually do to fixed the problem?..Also…if you open the Shorthose model that you supplied above (as it’s based on a template we useand start all of our new models with), adjust the camera view in any scene and update the scene, then just select another scene (without saving the file)…it should crash.


I’ve installed SKU 2023.1 and one of the first bugs I’ve noticed is not being able to copy and paste from one model to another?
Is anyone else having this issue and is there a fix?
Also noticed the descriptions for items in the components library no longer shows except for the top item of a list?

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So in the screenshot here, you’ll see the top item shows “7 In Stock” but the rest don’t, all items in that list should show a quantity (it’s just in their description)

not sure what you mean… could you screenshot it ?
ok, no bug on mac, but I see it on PC

Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 163251

An annoying fix but that’s a relief that there is a way around it, thanks for this!

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I did try it, and managed even simpler steps than you described, and saw it crash. I added the model and the steps needed to our existing bug report.

By the way, a work around for now is to go into Model Info, Animation, and check the box for Enable scene transitions. You can set the time to zero seconds if you like.

Forgot to mention what I did…

I went into the group and for each object in there I did a right-click, Reset Scale (I made a shortcut key to speed that up!). I measured one item as being 95mm before the reset, and 7.24mm after the reset. That’s a change of 13.1215469613x.

After changing the inner objects I then scaled the outer group to 13.12x.

Hotkeys do not work if a language other than English is selected.

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Hotkeys do not work like in previous versions. Works only with English keyboard layout

Can you give an example of what fails? If I run SketchUp in German, with a German keyboard layout, the key to the right to the T key does trigger the Zoom tool.

The “M” key does not work, the “P” key also does not work in the Russian and Ukrainian layout. If you switch to the English keyboard layout, then everything works

Thanks, I see the problem. Interestingly, no version of SketchUp on Mac can use the Russian keyboard, but 2022 on Windows was able to.

I logged a bug report about that (SU-55171 in our system).

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With spanish keyboard hotkeys work (only for information)

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I’m guessing it’s going to relate to unicode issues, and that Roman character based languages are ok.

I found that I can’t copy and paste from one Sketchup window to another. Anyone else have this problem? It used to work.

Hi francisquitof. What is a good installation. Working with Sketchup since version 6, and I never succeeded in transferring shortcuts.