We should also talk about what's good about the new update

None of us are talking about the new features of the SketchUp update, we only comment about what hasn’t been fixed.
Snaps seem to me to be an incredible addition


that’s because right now it’s still lowkey. no official announcement on the forum, no email, not a lot of communication before the weekend :slight_smile:

Snaps are nice, I like the fact that unless forcing an axis on your component, they are optional, you can use them, or use regular points. I’ll probably add one to my doors and windows, stuff like that that tent to be rotated a lot to accommodate walls (often, not completely red/green walls)

The new UI is fine. We all knew it was a thing coming, as soon as they released it to web then ipad. I agree with other than a bit of contrast would be welcome, the solid tools for example, are light blue and gray on light gray. maybe switch to dark blue outline and light blue like the rest of it ?
We’ll get used to it quickly, those using Free / go already have.

Also, with this new UI comes the return of quick reference cards.

They used to be here for all languages until 2017-2018, then vanished. and now they are back.

@colin - I noticed that now the 2023 english quick reference card on the download page links to the list of all the cards.
Could be nice to have the same done to the other languages. Right now it looks like we’re still in 2022 ans only english has cards, whereas we all do. Most non eng users won’t bother clicking on the eng cards link.
Or maybe at the top, a global link ?

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Is simultaneous push/pull of multiple faces a native thing yet? Because that definitely might tip me towards taking a much closer look at v2023.

dude, this is a thread about the positive aspects of 2023. not a request one :wink:

check the release notes, and no. pushpull is single face only, and since I recall reading that SU has a pattent on that, I don’t think they’ll move to multi face. time to get fredo6 joint pushpull.

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In my defense, that was a question, not a request. Maybe one of the good things about 2023 is multiple simultaneous push/pull. (It’s not, but hey, it’s a valid question.)

No, it’s not in 2023.1.

Ah well, next time… :grin:

Is any new good modeling tools :wink:

Not in the sense you mean. Here are tools related changes:

• Snaps - New custom grips that can help you quickly connect groups or components.

• Custom Flip Plane - The Flip tool () functionality has been upgraded with a new customizable flip plane in pre-selected geometry.

• Horizon Color - You can now create a custom horizon appearance in the Background settings of the Styles panel.

• Lasso Segments - Draw individual line segments to define your selection area with the upgraded Lasso Select tool ().

Of the other fixes (there are a lot), changes in the way near and far planes are calculated should reduce the amount of z-fighting that happens in larger models. Also, there were a lot of cases where a corrupted file would crash SketchUp, or the file would appear not to be valid. The really corrupted files still don’t open, but don’t crash SketchUp. The files where something minor was corrupt, enough to stop the file from opening, are handled better. SketchUp will remove only the part that was corrupt, and give you details about what was removed.


oh yeah, I didn’t see that one when reading the release notes.

really cool. I use the polygon lasso all the time in photoshop, regular lasso and mouse aren’t friends, this one is.

When I launched SketchUp today I got a welcome popup announcing the 2023 update.
It was announcing the new super-exciting Pencil, Eraser and Arc tool icon Design!

:man_facepalming: :rofl:

I can’t say I would have predicted these improvements based on the number of feature requests in the forums in past years. But they’re welcome nonetheless.

  • The Z fighting improvements might be helpful…it’s a common pain point. I personally don’t encounter it much these days (may we’ve learned to work around it).
  • Lasso improvement will be helpful (agree the regular lasso is a bit too mouse-intensive). Polygonal/Sectional could be made default IMO.
  • Horizon Color.: Not sure why this is a thing…actual cloudy and starry skies or spherical photos would be much nicer! I can imagine an app for my phone that sends stiched photos of video straight to sketchup.
  • Flip Plane: Okay for those that use it (hobbiests?).

Still not sure I’ll update my team to 2023… when is 2024 coming out? :smiley:

I’m not a hobbyist, before the flip tool was added back on April I never used the flip along on the contextual menu, now it’s one of my favorite and more used tools.

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You can select multiple faces and then use the Move tool.

Or, click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Pulling multiple shapes 2.skp (98.4 KB)

That would work only if you want to extrude on the same direction and to geometry part of an object, if it’s a single face the move tool will just move from one place to another without creating the geometry that the push pull tool does.

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Hi. More like moving these orange faces simultaneously…

Get yourself Joint Push Pull. It’s a must have desert island extension.

Sure, but it would be pretty great if the functionality was native to SU.

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So, what exactly is Snaps? What is it for and what does it do?

It is a specific point and a vector from that point.
When two snaps meet, they coincide at the same point and the same alignment.
For example, you put a snap on the axis at one end of a pipe and the same snap on an elbow.
When they are joined together, it does not matter if the pipe is inclined or rotated because both pipe and elbow will be joined in the correct way by their axes and alignment.

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Another example: