SKU 2023.1 Release

Agreed! Having a greater contrast would help Trimblendously.


one or two pixels doesn’t sound much but in percentage its around 5 to 10% compared to the previous icons. Combined with the much reduced contrast, the icons in the toolset - to me - are way less readable.

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There’s been no mention of the new features anywhere on the forum? I really like the new user made Snaps for groups/components. It’s gonna make working with placing standard components a lot easier. The new magenta plane/ custom plane for the mirror /flip command is nice as well, so there’s more new things now than in the initial 23 release.

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I quite like the new icons…definitely more modern.

Follow Me looks like a firecracker…is that intentional?

Wha’ts the triangle shaoed on underneath Offset? Is that Flip?

PS I still wish for the greyed Tag menu text to have a higher contrast.

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Came across a quirky problem today when undoing the drawing of lines in Sketchup, videos for reference below.

Previously, when drawing a line and undoing it, I immediately would have the ability to just click in the same spot and redraw the line. Now it doesn’t let me do it at all, I have to wiggle or move the cursor out of the way and go back to the same spot before it registers my ability to highlight/select that point again on that spot.

Here are examples below between two different versions, using the midpoint in a flat surface as an example:

Sketchup 2021:


Sketchup 2023:


I did not notice this in the previous version of Sketchup 2023 I was running (Either 0.1 or 0.2), it’s only after updating to Sketchup 23.1.315 that I noticed this issue. Using Sketchup 2021 as a reference, since I still have that version installed on my system.

It will not give you any visual indicators you’re on the midpoint or an edge until you move the cursor away and then back to that point. You can still click and draw a line, however, if you were to move the cursor ever so slightly, random muscle movement? You might not be starting from that same point and be slightly offset from the original position.

Is this a bug, or was this an intended change?

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I don’t know why the post to the forum hasn’t happened yet. It may be waiting on other things to be completed.

Meanwhile, there is this topic where people are talking about what is good in the update:


I have noticed a similar bug in the position camera tool. If I click my shortcut for position camera and the mouse is near a line, it does not snap to the line, and no visual indicators appear, unless you move it away and move it back.

Thanks for linking this one Colin…

Didn’t know this post would become this big. Still uncertain if I should go for it. Those new features look very nice. On the balance, good with the not so good, wondering if the balances shift in favor of the upgrade from 2022?

Just watched the new public release video’s that Aaron and the team produced.

The two stand out features to me:

Presentation and output controls mentioned somewhere above. This seems directly aimed at the performance issues of Layout. Game changer? I think so…

Secondly, the improvements to auto-text leaders and title blocks. The first version of these were clunky but now we have had a cycle or two of improvements and they are finally at a place where it’s mostly drag and drop. This will drive “Layout Focused Modeling” principles even more; encouraging proper grouping, tagging, and naming in Sketchup which can really dial in viewports in Layout.

Still want to see Outliner Control or Section Control in Layout somehow (a viewport right click menu or in the Sketchup Panel)

I think this makes me want to update now.

Thanks for posting this sir! I didn’t know I could do this manually.

But can I ask a simpler question about this?

@Colin - What keeps this from being an automated part of upgrading for Mac? Why does the PC have the import/export buttons and Mac doesn’t? Is there an improvement coming for this instead of having to manually transfer it?

The autotext labels look pretty darn useful for me - I often need to add spot heights to drawings…and now there is a spot height (coordinate = Z ) option for autotext - assuming it works snappily.
Actually tempted to upgrade to 2023.1 now!

Oh that might be useful… assume it is keyed to the global model space axis. Wonder how flexible it is.

WOW! Layout is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure, it may be that on Windows exporting settings is more of a convention.

I will ask though, see what reasons my colleagues give me.

Thanks! Hope we can see that become convention for the Mac users as well.

There appears to be another Layout preserve-scale-viewport-shifting bug in this release. Not as serious as the old one, but when you resize a viewport corner using the ALT key for Windows (usually a convenient shortcut) it shifts the viewport making the ALT key unusable for resizing the viewport. Not sure if anyone has flagged that one yet.


I’m having Layout export to PDF issues. Any one else? Version 23.1.314

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I like’em. Nice and clean

if you want help / a solution / a guide you’ll have to be more specific than that.

is it while working in Layout ? is it at the export moment ? if it’s an export problem, go to the document settings (the one with paper size and colour), in the “rendering” settings, turn off “force hybrid render”.

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Thanks for input. It’s when exporting a finished Layout document to PDF. I’ll try your suggestions and see how I get on.