SketchUp 2023 Low Resolution of Tool Icons on a 4k Monitor!

On the latest version of Sketchup 2023.0.397.152, I have a low resolution of tool icons on a 4k monitor with a scale of 150%.
There were no problems on the previous version of Sketchup Pro 2022.0.354.126!
Is this a bug of the new version or can I fix it somehow?
Please help!
Attached screenshot for comparison.

I can’t see any difference in the icons in your screenshots but I do see that the model window space is weird. Some others have reported the same thing. As I remember it had to do with display scale and/or graphics drivers needing to be reset. Might have something to do with the resolution issue you’re seeing. I’ll see if I can find the thread(s). In the meantime, go to Window>Preferences>Graphics and make screen shots of the window. Is your Nvidia card being used to display SketchUp?

Increased the interface for comparison. It is clearly visible in the sketchup 2023 icons of poor quality and ladders on the edges.

To what do you have anti-aliasing set in Preferences>Graphics in SU2023?

I found a thread in which someone else reported the partial model window thing that your second screen shot shows. Here was what they found as a solution. Maybe it’ll work for you, too.

With absolutely the same graphics settings (screen resolution 3840x2160, scale 150%), sketchup 2022 had no problems with displaying the user graphical interface and the icons were sharp and clear.
I haven’t changed any settings. I even rolled back to the 2022 version specifically for testing, there are no problems with icons.
Logically, this problem appeared in the 2023 version. Developers need to fix this bug.

I’m not a developer. I’m a user like you. Don’t yell at me about it. Did you try what was outlined in that thread?

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I tried it, unfortunately it didn’t help. I hope the developers will not ignore this problem and quickly fix this bug.

I’m not yelling at you. And I am grateful to you for trying to help me. I appreciate your help. I really appreciate it. I lost half the night and didn’t find a solution to the problem.

If there’s something they can do about it, hopefully they will be able to fix it. The thing is it’s not a wide spread problem. There have been only a few users who have reported it. That makes it look more like it’s specific to a certain combination of hardware (displays and graphics cards). Have you checked with nVidia to see if there are updated drivers available and installed them? Have you done a power off reboot of your computer?

The drivers are updated. The reboot is done. The problem is not with the drivers. With the same one-to-one configuration, there are no interface problems in Sketchup 2022. This problem has appeared since the new version 2023 and there can be no doubt, since I have compared the versions. Perhaps since the 2023 version, the developers have made poor compatibility with Nvidia Pascal family video cards, and this is very sad. Until the developers recognize and correct the error, all attempts to waste time searching for reasons in the equipment are meaningless. Waiting for the developers’ response.
In the meantime, I’m staying on the previous version of Sketchup 2022.

As I see it, the developers here ignore the appeals. It’s very sad. We’ll have to look for an alternative to Sketchup with poor developer support, unfortunately.

the developers have a job, going to the SU forum is not part of their daily job I’d say. Because it is, after all, a community forum first.

that’s the thing. the free work many of us do on this forum, asking for details, making sure it’s not OS / hardware / user related helps get rid of many non-bugs.
you don’t realise how often it’s a GPU update, misuse of the tool, human error… and not actual bug. And we, simple community member, can help on those things, but not on the actual bugs.

You posted your message about 34h ago. what did you expect, a next-day fix ? that’s optimist.

just out of curiosity, did you also send an actual bug report on the contact form of the official website ? or just here on a community forum ? because I’m pretty sure devs don’t solve bugs they are not aware of.
and the best way to make them aware is to open a ticket. I opened one a few month ago, got an answer within a few hours.

ok. whatever floats your boat.


Thanks for the advice. I will open a direct request ticket to the developers. I hope this solves the problem.

They aren’t even aware of this, it may or may not be a bug, but I’m sure if it is they won’t be able to fix I it in 5 mins.
Does this problem you have makes the program crash or can you use it normally?

We do know about this issue, and what it will take to fix things. There is a third party library we use, that we need to update to a later version of that library. Those sorts of updates don’t happen quickly, especially the ones that lead to a ton of extra testing to make sure nothing was broken by doing the update.

For now, you would need to set the resolution and scaling of the monitor you intend to use SketchUp on, before opening SketchUp on that monitor. Dragging SketchUp between monitors that are different resolution and/or different scale values, will lead to problems like you are seeing.

I will add a link to this topic to the bug report for this issue, so that as there is progress someone can come back and give you an update. @JamesE in Support is also following this issue.

For colleagues, this is the bug report number to look up to see how things are going: SU-53846


The SketchUp Pro / Studio 2023 v23.0.419 update has been released. The problem with the low quality of toolbar icons has not yet been fixed. I’m waiting for a bug fix from the developers. Thanks

According to your profile you are using SketchUp Pro version 2023.0.397. In order to see what was the changes, you need to install and use the new release. You can also check what has been changed here:

I have already installed and tested the new 23.0.419 version. The bug has not been fixed yet. The developers warned that fixing this error may take time. I’ll be patient and wait for the fix. Thanks.