SketchUp2020 4K Compatible - Menu/Icon Issues

Is SketchUp 2020 compatible with 4K Resolution on a 17" Laptop Screen?
Most are working, however there is scaling issues for Icons/Menus.
A few items noticed: Material Menu squished/Small Plugin Icons/Camera Specs small when setting up camera view.
I recently upgraded to SU 2020, and was expecting for this issue to be solved from version 2018 and the compatibility shift over the past few years.
I have seen discussions on the matter with Older versions of SketchUp (2018 and previous)
Does anyone have these issues on a larger 4k screen? 27"?

Thank you to anyone that can help:)

Yes. I am running it on a 4K screen (32"). However, you shouldn’t use a bigger display scaling factor than 150%.

I have two 27" monitors one 4k at 175% scaling, and one 1920X1080 at 100% scaling. Usually with this ‘odd’ setup any scaling issues are quickly noticed. With SketchUp 2020 I didn’t notice any scaling issues.

Thank you Anssi and Neil:)
I think my answer is the larger 4k screen.
Are any of you by chance using your laptop to fuel the bigger screens?
I had concerns with overworking mine to handle the majority of my workflow.

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