Issues with UI Scaling on 4K Monitors in SketchUp 2023

I hope you’re all doing well. Recently, I upgraded my monitor to a 4K display, and while the visual quality is stunning, I have encountered some frustrating UI scaling issues in SketchUp 2023. I wanted to bring this matter to the community’s attention and see if others are experiencing similar problems.

The main problem lies in how SketchUp 2023 handles UI scaling on high-resolution monitors. The text, icons, and various interface elements appear incredibly small and challenging to read and interact with comfortably. While I expected some adjustments to be necessary due to the higher pixel density, the current scaling seems excessively tiny, making the software less usable.

These UI scaling issues have resulted in several problems:

Eye strain and fatigue: The small text and icons strain the eyes, especially during long design sessions. This diminishes productivity and overall user experience.

Inaccurate clicks: The reduced size of buttons and controls makes it easy to mis-click or interact with the wrong tool accidentally, leading to unnecessary frustration and errors.

Inefficient workflow: The squinting and difficulty in identifying tools slow down the design workflow, reducing efficiency and hampering creativity.

I have tried exploring the SketchUp settings, but unfortunately, there are no explicit options to adjust the UI scaling. Other applications on my computer seem to handle high-resolution displays more gracefully, which suggests that the issue is specific to SketchUp 2023.

As a community, we play a vital role in supporting each other and finding solutions to common challenges. Therefore, I would like to ask if anyone has come across a viable workaround or fix for this UI scaling problem in SketchUp 2023 on 4K monitor Perhaps there are hidden settings or third-party tools that can help address this concern?

Thank you

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No I haven’t found a solution. Its a basic issue they should fix. 2k or 4k monitors are common even for laptops in 2023. Even at scaling below 150% (which they say it supports) there are still issues with truncation of some dialogue boxes like the measurements box.

the latest updates are 2023 versions and the problem is still relevant. no one has solved it. my laptop has a 4k screen and 250% recommended windows scaling. the values in the toolbar are truncated. in addition, when creating a new material, I cannot immediately adjust the color. in the material creation window, palettes are not displayed correctly, even stretching the window does not help. therefore, I’m staying on version 23.0.419. in this version, the same problem with the measurements toolbar. in addition, the selection is reset during autosave, which was not the case before.

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