SketchUp not scaling to 4k on second monitor

I’m using a 15" 1080p laptop which is my main monitor, connected to a 32" 4k monitor.

When I move SketchUp (2019) or LayOut across to the 4k monitor it’s not adjusting its resolution.

I do get a fullscreen layout with all toolbars etc looking as they should (at 150% scaling in windows 10), however the overall resolution seems stuck at 1080p so everything looks blurry.

Is there a trick to doing this?
Other programs work fine and will adjust according to whichever monitor they are open on.


We’ve discussed this in the Technical Problems subcat for SketchUp several times. (Reassigning topic.)

SketchUp seems to have issues running on external displays if they are not the primary display.
Or if an HDMI port is used. Suggestions have been to try another port type like Mini Display Port or USB type 3.

My external display is only a 1080P (same as the internal display) yet I cannot start SketchUp on it. (I could drag it over, then drag it back before closing, but it’s too much of a hassle.)

Thanks for reassigning.
I couldn’t find a specific answer that was provided in recent years. I have been using MiniDP and DP.
My solution is to restart the PC. That seems to refresh Windows and get it all working normally.

The issue is solved by restarting the PC.

I’m also getting issues (possibly related) where parts of the Trays (eg Soften Edges) get cropped. Haven’t had time to recreate that one but it gets fixed via a restart.

All this restarting is a bit frustrating overall as our firm is “hot desked” and we do move desks/monitors several times a day.