4k monitor 4k monitor issues

I have just bought a 4k monitor and sketchup icon are very small. I can get around this by increasing the dpi. But I cannot make the cursor arrow bigger and its hard to see at such a high resolution. I must say sketchup look 25% better with a 4k monitor. the textures are clearer and vivid. So please address making the cursor bigger and icons for sketchup 2016.

Yes, these are known issues. They have been reported since High DPI monitors became more common, especially Retina displays on Macs.

There are some resolution settings you can try outlined here High DPI Desktop Application Development on Windows - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn and some more things | PCWorld

OS, SU version and did any linked suggestion help?

Perhaps things have changed in the intervening 7 years.


Old thread revived by a spammer.

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